Hubrig receives Maude Hammond Fling fellowship

Adam Hubrig
Photo credit: EMBRACE

calendar icon September 3, 2019 by Erin Chambers

Doctoral candidate Adam Hubrig has been awarded a Maude Hammond Fling Fellowship for the 2019-2020 academic year. The Fling Fellowship, one of the university's most prestigious graduate honors, is awarded annually by the Office of Graduate Studies to advanced masters or doctoral students who have demonstrated the highest levels of academic potential. It includes a full stipend, tuition, fees, as well as partial support for health insurance, allowing recipients to immerse themselves in scholarship. Though only a handful of applicants receive the fellowship each year, several English graduate students have been Fling Fellows in recent years, including Rachel Cochran and Benjamin Hage in 2018, Erin Bertram in 2017, and Gabriel Houck in 2015.

Adam Hubrig is pursuing his Ph.D. in English with a specialization in composition and rhetoric. He currently serves as co-director of the Nebraska Writing Project and co-director of the Writing Lincoln Initiative. Through these endeavors, he has collaborated with the National Parks, the College, Career, and Community Writers Program, the Husker Writers Program, and the UNL Disabilities Club, among other organizations. He is also the recipient of a UNL Student Luminary Award and the Nebraska Writing Project's Teacher of the Year Award.

Adam’s graduate work encompasses composition pedagogy, disability rhetoric, literacy studies, social justice, and civic engagement. With the support he received from the Fling Fellowship this year, he will be focusing primarily on rhetorical agency: “I'm really interested in how people advocate for themselves and for others," he says.  

Rhetorical agency has been a common thread in Adam’s teaching as well as his scholarship. While grateful for the opportunity to immerse himself in scholarship and community outreach, Adam enjoys teaching and will miss it this semester. Exploring the possibilities of rhetorical agency and civic engagement with students is incredibly rewarding, he says. "When [one of my students] comes in and says ’My op-ed is in the paper!’ or ’My senator e-mailed me back!‘ or ‘My poster got shared on Twitter,’ they're so encouraged. As am I.” 

The university awards graduate fellowships each year on a competitive basis. To learn more about fellowships and other funding opportunities for new and current graduate students, visit the website of the Office of Graduate Studies.