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Publications & Acceptances

Cover of THE BERLIN SCHOOL AND ITS GLOBAL CONTEXTSMarco Abel published The Berlin School and Its Global Contexts, which he co-edited with Jaimey Fisher (UC Davis) for Wayne State University Press. In addition to Marco and Jaimey’s extensive introduction, the volume features 15 new essays on the Berlin School, including by Roland Végsõ and former English and Film Studies major William (Bill) Fech. The goal of the collection is to understand the Berlin School, Germany’s most important filmmaking movement since the 1970, as a fundamental part of the series of new wave films around the globe, especially those from the traditional margins of world cinema. It builds on both Marco’s monograph on the Berlin School as well as Jaime Fisher’s book on the group’s most famous director, Christian Petzold. Marco thanks the various UNL funding agencies for support as well as Zach Mueller for helping with the index.

Gwendolyn Audrey Foster published several book reviews in Choice, including reviews of The Cinema of Catherine Breillat, Why Harry Met Sally: Subversive Jewishness, Anglo-Christian Power, and the Rhetoric of Modern Love, Urban Noir: New York and Los Angeles in Shadow and Light, The Late Films of Claude Chabrol: Genre, Visual Expressionism and Narrational Ambiguity, and A Dream of Resistance: The Cinema of Kobayashi Masaki.

Poster for Loren Eiseley's NebraskaOn April 26 Tom Lynch officially launched the website Loren Eiseley’s Nebraska at a gathering at Francie and Finch bookshop. The website contains 20 short videos keyed to specific locations pertinent to Eiseley’s life and writing. It is hosted on the Nebraska Portal of the Center for the Digital Research in the Humanities. Video editing and digital production was done by Emily Rau, and audio narration and sound editing by Ariana Brocious. Website design by Karin Dalziel. The site is a digital story map featuring locations in Nebraska important to the life and writing of Loren Eiseley. The project was funded by Humanities Nebraska and the Loren Eiseley Society.

Kristi Carter’s poem “Of the Daughter who Spoke” was adapted into a short film which showed at the Festival of Creative Learning in Edinburgh . The poem will appear in Issue 71 of Magma Poetry. Her scholarly essay “‘Contempt for her Practice‘: Elizabeth Ashbridge’s Quest for Religious Freedom through Pious Rhetoric and Rebellious Female Agency” has been accepted for publication in Women’s Studies An inter-disciplinary journal.

Cover of THICKER THAN WATERÁngel García’s creative non-fiction essay, “Always and Forever: On Being a Brown Body in a Red State,” was recently published by Hot Metal Bridge.

Gabi Kirilloff, Peter Capuano, Julius Fredrick, and Matthew Jockers’s article, “From a distance ‘You might mistake her for a man’: A closer reading of gender and character action in Jane Eyre, The Law and the Lady, and A Brilliant Woman,” was published in Digital Scholarship in the Humanities (DSH).

Xavier Navarro Aquino has two poems appearing in the anthology, Thicker Than Water: New writing from the Caribbean.

Katie Marya was a finalist for the James Hearst Poetry Prize for her poem, “An Open Call to Single-Daughters of Single-Mothers,” which is featured in the Spring 2018 issue of North American Review. She also has a poem in the Spring 2018 issue Southern Indiana Review, “Addict Father Sends Adult Child Recurrent Text Message.”

Katie Schmid Henson has three poems, “Margot as a Unit of Space,” “All my Boyfriends Love my Father the Best” and “How They Die,” in the current issue of The Spectacle, a magazine from Washington University’s MFA program.

Conferences, Readings, Workshops & Presentations

Poster for LIMINAL ETHEREAL SPACE showThe Curators of Experimental Response Cinema invited Gwendolyn Audrey Foster and Wheeler Winston Dixon to present an evening of their Surrealist and abstract experimental films (along with artist Bill Domonkos) in Liminal Ethereal Space: Foster / Dixon / Domonkos, at The Museum of Human Achievement (MoHA), in Austin, TX on May 9th.

Foster’s short film poems, Visual Memory [for Zora Neale Hurston], Beautiful [for Florine Stettheimer], and Particle Physics [For Vera Rubin] are currently screening in a curated online exhibition, The Kingdom of the Rose: Homage to the Female Figure at Lys d’Or, Italy.

Beginning June 1st, Modern Arts Midtown gallery in Omaha is opening a show of small landscape paintings by Stephen Dinsmore, paired up with landscape poems by Ted Kooser. The exhibit will be up for a month.

Tom Lynch presented a talk at the Great Plains Ecotourism Conference in Kearney, Nebraska on April 19. The title of the presentation was “Eiseley’s Nebraska and Ecotourism,” which discussed the new Eiseley’s Nebraska website in particular, and Eiseley’s writing more generally, as vehicles to promote ecotourism.

Poster for Kristi Carter's reading at Francie and FinchKristi Carter will read at 6pm on June 6 at Francie and Finch to launch her latest chapbook, Red and Vast. She moderated and presented on the panel “How Writers, Editors, Teachers, and Publishers can Encourage Positive Social Action” at WisCon in Madison, WI on May 26. She also gave a reading from her book Cosmovore at the same conference.

Activities, Accolades, & Grants

Pascha Sotolongo Stevenson’s short story “The Moth” was named one of two finalists in Crab Orchard Review’s 22nd Annual Literary Contest.

Kristi Carter’s book Cosmovore has been nominated for the 2018 Elgin Award in the full-length category and her chapbook Daughter Shaman Sings Blood Anthem has been nominated for an Elgin in the chapbook category.

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