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Personal Teaching Statement

I have a professional background in American Ethnic literatures, postcolonial theory, and contemporary fiction. These days, I am a fiction writer who enjoys teaching Honors seminars, children's literature, and all forms of speculative writing–especially literary slipstream (which I also author). I regularly advise Honors theses too. But whatever the topic, my courses invariably insist upon the profound value of both intellectual curiosity and imagination. Curiosity, because we are here less to demonstrate what we know than to discover and value what we don't. And imagination because, without it, empathy, innovation, and joy flounder. I also aim to approach teaching with the attitude of a public servant. To my students, my colleagues: tu eres mi otro yo–you are my other self. In giving to the community, I help create a space in which I too can flourish.

Select Awards and Publications

Recognition for Outstanding Teaching in the UNL Honors Program

Robert L. Hough Distinguished Teaching Award for Lecturers

Three time recipient of the UNL Parents’ Association Award for Contributions to Students

“The Moth” Winner of Ninth Letter’s 2018 Fiction Prize

“Butterfire” The Florida Review’s Latinx Special Feature

“This New Turn” The Pinch

“The Only Sound is the Wind” Pleiades Journal

“I've Got Gordon Ralfe’s Number” 1966

“Flight to Cuba” Saw Palm

“The Sound of Ava” finalist for the Machigonne Fiction Prize and publication in The New Guard

“Spanish Girls” Penelope Niven Award for Creative Nonfiction

Courses Regularly Taught

Introduction to English Studies

(In)Famous Orphans, Witches and Warriors of Children's Literature

Fantastic Journeys

Advanced Composition

Children's Literature


Ph.D., University of Nebraska Lincoln

M.A., University of Central Missouri

Areas of Interest

Undergraduate Education


Ethnic literatures

Women writers

Contemporary fiction

Literary slipstream

Creative Nonfiction

Children's Literature