Department of English

203 Andrews Hall
P.O. Box 880333
Lincoln, NE 68588-0333
402-472-9771 (Fax)

Staff Directory

Chairs and Advisors

Department Chair

Marco Abel
204A Andrews Hall

Vice Chair

Julia Schleck
212 Andrews Hall

Chair of Graduate Studies

Stacey Waite
337C Andrews Hall

Undergraduate Program and Curriculum Committee Chair

Guy Reynolds
337D Andrews Hall

Undergraduate Advisor

Kathleen Lacey
201B Andrews Hall
(402) 472-3871

Area Directors and Coordinators

Director of Composition and Rhetoric

Debbie Minter
208 Andrews Hall

Coordinator of Film Studies

James Lowell Brunton

Director of Creative Writing

Timothy Schaffert
329 Andrews Hall
(402) 472-0908

Director of Literary and Cultural Studies

Peter J. Capuano
220 Andrews Hall

Writing Center Director

Rachel Azima
126B Andrews Hall
(402) 472-1826

Administrative Support Staff

Mirhuanda Meeks
Administrative Assistant and Assistant to the Chair
203 Andrews Hall
(402) 472-3191

Anne Nagel
Administrative Technician and Assistant to the Graduate Chair
202 Andrews Hall

Vanja Bilinac
Financial Coordinator, Oldfather Business Cooperative
203B Andrews Hall

Technology Support Staff

Erin Chambers
Instructional Technology and Media Specialist
Tech support e-mail:
Other inquiries:

Angie Randall
Systems Support Specialist, College of Arts & Sciences
126A Andrews Hall
Tech support e-mail:
Tech support phone: (531) 333-3457
Other inquiries:

Brian O'Connell
Computer Specialist, College of Arts & Sciences
127 Burnett Hall
Tech support e-mail:
Other inquiries:

Projects and Publications Staff