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The Department of English is proud to showcase the work and accomplishments of its faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Our monthly newsletter is a great place to share shorter announcements about recent publications, conferences, events, activities, and awards. (Newsletter stories can be submitted using this form.)

If you have a bigger story to share, you can now submit it for consideration as a news feature using the form below. The Department Chair (Marco Abel) and the IT & Media Specialist (Erin Chambers) retain editorial control over what is published on the department pages and in what form; depending on volume, some stories may be shared via social media but not published on the department home page.

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Writing Guidelines

  • Write in 3rd person, in news style. "Tuesday marks the 20th anniversary of Bathilda Bagshot's award-winning textbook, Hogwarts: A History. Bagshot is Godric Gryffindor Professor of History at Hogwarts and author of..."
  • Place asterisks around text that should be italicized, such as the title of a book, journal, or other periodical. (See Hogwarts: A History above.) Bold or underlined text is reserved for headings only.
  • Links are encouraged! Place them in curly brackets, following the words that should be linked, like so: "She recently published an essay at {Watershed blog}." Do not use bare links (i.e., "He currently blogs at") or phrases like "click here." Links should be applied to words within the flow of the narrative.
  • When a news story is posted, only the first 500-600 characters appear on the department homepage. Keep this in mind as you're writing the story.
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