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Canvas (by Instructure) is a cloud based learning management system (LMS) that is currently used by more than 700 colleges and universities. The pages within this guide draw heavily on the official Canvas Guides for instructors. We encourage you to visit their site for a more in-depth view of the system's features and capabilities.

Department of English Canvas Page

The Department of English has set up a Canvas organization to share important documents, forms, guidelines, and discussions between members of the department. It will show up on your Canvas dashboard or in your list of All Courses as simply "Department of English." Once logged in to Canvas, you can also access the Department of English Canvas organization with the following direct link:

Some groups within the department have set up additional Canvas organizations specific to their work. For information about these organizations, please contact the coordinator or director in question.

Implementation Timeline

Starting in Fall 2017, Canvas will be the University of Nebraska default LMS. All of your past Blackboard courses will be available for viewing, but you will have to specially request a Blackboard site for your Fall 2017 course by emailing ITS at

Spring 2017
Use Canvas or Blackboard

Summer 2017
Use Canvas or Blackboard

Fall 2017
Canvas is default; Blackboard by request

Spring 2018
Canvas is default; Blackboard by request

June 2018
Canvas is only LMS; Blackboard not available

Detailed Transition Schedule

If you have questions or need help with Canvas, contact or schedule an appointment with your IT support representative. For instructors teaching online, dedicated support is available from the Innovative Instructional Design Team.