Official Guide to Assignments

You can view all your course assignments on the Assignments Index page. As an instructor, you can also add assignment groups, create an assignment, and modify assignment settings. You can also reorder assignments and assignment groups.

Graded vs. Ungraded Items

Assignments, discussions and quizzes can be easily set as either graded or ungraded. Ungraded items will be marked as such and will not have a gradebook column. Graded assignments, discussions and quizzes, on the other hand, automatically have a gradebook column.


Assignments are any free-form assignments that do not function as a discussion or quiz. When you create an assignment in Canvas you choose whether it will just be a place holder for work students do in class, turn in on paper, or whether students will electronically turn in work to the Canvas assignment.

Graded discussions and quizzes are also considered assignments.This means they can be created from the assignments page and/or added to the assignments page if they are created elsewhere.

Assignment Groups

Assignment groups not only facilitate the organization of your course's assignments — they are also the best way to weight grades for a course.