Email Settings

In addition to Inbox messages from your students, Canvas will send you emails notifying you about changes and activity in your courses. Your email address, as well as the kind and number of notifications you receive, can be changed in your account settings.

If you need instructions for emailing your students through Canvas, visit the Inbox guide.

Changing your email address

To have Canvas send messages and notifications to a different email address, follow these instructions:

  1. Click "Account" in the dark grey sidebar menu
    Location of Account in sidebar
  2. In the account menu that pops up, click "Settings"
    Location of settings in account menu
  3. Find the "Ways to Contact" section on the right side of the Account Settings page (or at the bottom, if your browser window is narrow)
    Ways to Contact area on the accounts page
    "Email Addresses" lists your email addresses that have been connected to Canvas. The email address that is starred is the address to which Canvas will send messages and notifications.
  4. To add a new email, click "+ Email Address"
    Location of Add Email button
  5. Type in your full address and click "Register Email"
    Box for entering your email address
  6. In a separate window, log in to the email you just entered and find the new message from Canvas. Click the link in the email to accept the registration.
    Email message asking you to confirm the email registration
  7. Clicking the link will reopen the Account Settings page, and you will see a "Registration confirmed" message.
    On screen message that says Registration Confirmed
  8. Find the address you added under "Email Addresses." Hover your mouse over it until a light grey star appears, then click the star to set this email as default. 
    Star appearing next to email while mouse hovers
    Starred email address