Inbox (Emailing Students)

Using the Inbox in Canvas, you can email individual students or all students in a course like you could in Blackboard.

Your course must be published before you email students. If the course is not published, To: field will list only one user (you). For instructions on publishing your course, see the Publishing page in this guide.

Emailing all students in a course

  1. In the Global Navigation (the dark grey sidebar), click the Inbox link.
    Location of Inbox in global navigation
  2. Click the Compose icon in the light gray menu at the top of the screen. The Compose icon looks like a quill pen.
    Location of Compose icon on a wide screen
    If your browser is narrow, the Compose icon will be located in the second row of the menu:
    Location of Compose icon on a narrow screen
  3. In the Course drop-down menu, select the course to which you want to send the email.
    Selecting a course in the Compose Message window
  4. Click the Address Book icon to the right of the To: field. (Read more about address book options)
    Location of address book icon
  5. To send a message to all students, click "Students," then click "All in Students." 
    Note: If this course is not yet published, you will see "People: 0" next to "All in Students." You will not be able to email the students in this course until you publish the course site on Canvas.
    Selecting studentsSelecting all in students
  6. Enter a subject and type your message in the message field.
    Subject and body text boxes
  7. If you do not want everyone to see all recipients and replies in the message, check the box labeled "Send an individual message to each recipient." If your message is addressed to more than 100 people, this box will be automatically checked.
    Location of Individual Recipients checkbox
  8. If you want to attach a file to your message, click the paperclip button in the bottom left corner and select a file from your computer.Location of Attachment button
  9. Click the red "Send" button when you are finished.
    Location of Send button

Viewing messages

By default, the Inbox page shows you all the messages you have received for all your courses.

You can filter messages by course by clicking the "All Courses" drop down menu and selecting a course.
Drop down for filtering messages by course

You can view sent, archived, or unread messages alone by clicking on the next drop down menu, which usually says "Inbox," and selecting a different type of message.
Filtering messages by sent, archived, etc

Address Book

Using the Address Book, you can send emails to

  • All students
  • Individual students
  • Student groups
  • Individual student groups
  • All sections
  • Individual sections
  • Teachers
  • Observers & other roles as assigned