Notification Settings

Canvas assigns a default set of notification preferences for how, when, and why they contact you about student submissions, messages, and other course activity. You can change the default settings by setting your own notification preferences. Settings only need to be changed once, since they apply to all of your courses and carry over to future semesters.

Instructors cannot set preferences on behalf of their students. We encourage you to direct your students to the notification page, instead, to set their own preferences.

Setting Notification Preferences

  1. Click "Account" in the dark grey sidebar menu
    Location of Account in sidebar
  2. In the account menu that pops up, click "Notifications"
    Location of Notifications in Account menu
  3. Customize your notification settings on the Notification Preferences page that appears. Your changes are automatically saved. Detailed information about the types of notifications and the options available to you can be found in the official Canvas documentation.