All members of a course, including students, teachers, TAs and observers, can be viewed on the "People" page.

Adding people to a course

Only instructors set up with the "Teacher" role in a course can add people to it. Department and College IT personnel do not have the permissions necessary to change this, but University-Level admins do. If you need assistance with adding, changing or removing students, email

To add someone to your course, follow these instructions:

  1. Open your course, and in the course menu, click "People."
  2. Click the red "+ People" button near the top right corner of the window.
    Location of People in Course Menu
  3. In the "Add People" window that appears, type the person's email address in the box provided. OR, under "Add user(s) by," select "Login ID" and type in their My.UNL username.
    • You can add multiple users at a time by separating addresses with a comma or line break/return.
    Adding users by email address
    Adding people by username
  4. Select the correct role and section for this person in this particular course.
  5. Click "Next."
  6. If the next screen says "The following users are ready to be added to the course," click "Add Users." Canvas will send them an email message asking them to confirm their addition to the course.
    Ready to be added notice

  7. If the next screen says "We were unable to find matches below," contact the person you are trying to add and ask them for either (a) the My.UNL username, or (b) the email they are using in Canvas.
    Message saying Canvas was unable to find a person matching the information