The Department of English has Chromebooks available for graduate instructors to use in their teaching and research. Unlike other equipment, Chromebooks can be kept as long as the user is an instructor in the department. 

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a basic laptop that runs on Chrome OS. Anything you can do in a web browser can be done with a Chromebook (except using department printers - see the section on printing with a Chromebook below). Though they do not work with traditional software packages like Mac or Windows computers do, many software companies now offer web applications or Chrome browser extensions — and those will work in Chrome OS. 

Creating a Google account for Chromebook sign-in

You must log in with a Google gmail account to use a Chromebook, since it primarily stores files in your Google Drive. If you have a personal gmail account, but prefer not to use it on a department machine, you can set up a separate gmail account solely for teaching purposes. (Just make sure you remember your passwords!) We recommend setting this up before you check out a Chromebook so we can help you sign in.

Transferring documents between a Chromebook and another computer

Chromebooks use Google Drive to store most of your files in the cloud, rather than on the hard drive. Once the files are saved to Google Drive, you can access them on any computer by opening a web browser and signing in to Google Drive.

Alternatively, university students, staff and faculty can use Box to store files in the cloud for use on Chromebooks as well as other computers.

Printing with a Chromebook

Chromebooks lack the ability to communicate with department printers. This has to do with the device's hardware and the unviersity's network security systems. However, two others options exist for Chromebook users to print:

  1. Graduate Lounge Printer (Andrews Hall 223)
    The two computers in the grad lounge are connected to a laserjet printer reserved expressly for use by our graduate students. To print files, save them to Google Drive on your Chromebook, then sign into Google Drive on one of the grad lounge computers and print from there.
  2. Campus Print Kiosks
    Wepa printing kiosks around campus allow you to print from a flash drive or from cloud accounts, including Box and Google Drive. Prices and access information are available on the ITS website. There are no Wepa print kiosks in Andrews Hall, but there is one located nearby in the Adele Hall Learning Commons (Love Library North 1st floor).