Andrews 1st Floor Classrooms

The information on this page applies to the six general purpose classrooms on the first floor of Andrews Hall (109, 111, 113, 114, 116, and 118).

Note: The technology in Andrews Hall room 117 differs from these rooms.

Andrews 117 Guide

General purpose classroom setup

1. Connect device to HDMI cable

Detailed instructions for identifying your device's display ports can be found on the main page  of this guide.

2. Turn on projector

Each general purpose classroom has an AMX remote panel mounted to the wall at the front of the classroom. Press "PROJ ON" once to turn on the projector.

Note: pressing the on and off buttons repeatedly can cause the remote to be unresponsive for a few minutes. If this occurs, simply wait a few minutes while the system resets, then turn the projector on again.

AMX remote panel with no lit buttons
Projector off
AMX remote panel with ON button lit
Projector on

3. Wait while image appears

Depending on when the projector was last used, the image can take a few minutes to appear. It will get steadily brighter during this time as the projector lamp warms up.

Common projector-related problems

HDMI cable or adapter not firmly seated

Unplug and replug the cable and/or adapter into your device's display port, and wait a few seconds to see if the screen refreshes.

HDMI cable unplugged from wall

The other end of the HDMI cable should be plugged into a wall plate below the AMX remote control panel. The HDMI ports are in the bottom right corner of the wall plate, as shown below. Unplug and replug the cable into this port, and wait a few seconds to see if the screen refreshes.

Note: the port numbers in these images differ from room to room.

Close up of wall plate with HDMI port
Wall plate with HDMI port
Close up of wall plate with cable plugged in to HDMI port
Wall plate with HDMI cable plugged in

Further troubleshooting

If the projector still does not detect your device, contact right away. In many cases we will be able to fix your connection, replace a faulty cable or adapter, or loan you a device temporarily to keep your class running.

If the projector detects your device but you experience other problems, consult our display and audio troubleshooting guide.