Quick fixes for Andrews Hall classroom troubles

Here are some quick troubleshooting guides for common problems that are easy to fix. If you are unable to fix a problem in your classroom, contact right away so we can assist you.

If you are able, contact us as soon as the problem happens during class. In most cases, we will be able to quickly fix the problem so you can return to teaching.

No sound

When connected to the projector, the volume controls on your device may be disabled (in Mac OS X, for instance). Instead, the volume is controlled using the projector remote.

If the projector volume is unmuted and set at a comfortable level, but you still have no sound, check your sound settings:

No picture / Blue screen / Black screen

  1. Make sure both your device and the projector are on and awake
  2. If the screen is black, press "AV Mute" on the projector remote to make sure it's not muted
  3. If the screen is blue with white text along the bottom, make sure all cables are connected securely between your device and the projector
  4. If problem persists after checking these settings, contact

Desktop wallpaper shows up, but no windows or taskbars appear

You may have 'Extended' selected instead of 'Mirrored.' Check your display settings:

Other problems