Video, audio, and other types of digital media are an important part of many courses taught in Andrews Hall. Here are some of the media resources available to Department of English instructors through the department, the College of Arts & Sciences, University Libraries, ITS, and other university entities.

Department DVD Libraries

The Department of English has a small collection of DVDs that are available to department instructors for use in the classroom. Peruse our catalog and contact Erin Chambers at to reserve a DVD.

The Film Studies program also has a DVD library for use in film studies classes. Contact Wheeler Winston Dixon for more information.


MediaHub is a video and audio hosting platform hosted by the University of Nebraska's Internet and Interactive Media team. With MediaHub, you can upload video and audio files, add captions (or purchase captioning services), organize content into channels and copy code for embedding files in a website or Canvas course.

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Accessibility and Video Captions

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), classroom materials must be accessible to a student with hearing loss the same time they are accessible to students who can hear. If your course includes the viewing of professionally produced videos, please check to confirm that video materials have English subtitles or captioning.

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ASC Server Space

The College of Arts & Sciences has taken an initiative to meet the growing demand of server space and provide a robust back-up for all departments under the college, by purchasing a file server with 30 TB of server space.