MediaHub is a video and audio hosting platform hosted by the University of Nebraska's Internet and Interactive Media team. With MediaHub, you can upload video and audio files, add captions (or purchase captioning services), organize content into channels and copy code for embedding files in a website or Canvas course.

Why use MediaHub?

Many popular sites for streaming video (such as YouTube) are blocked in K-12 schools and certain foreign countries, while MediaHub is not. It is secure, reliable, free to use, and automatically connected to your My.UNL account.

Department MediaHub Channels

To see MediaHub in use, check out these department-related channels:

  • Wheeler Winston Dixon, Ryan Professor of Film Studies and Professor of English, utilizes MediaHub for his Frame by Frame video series of academic movie reviews.
  • Humanities on the Edge uses MediaHub in conjunction with Youtube to share recordings of its cross-disciplinary lectures.
  • The Department of English also utilizes a MediaHub channel for sharing lectures and hosting videos that are embedded on our website.