Technology support services are available for department-owned devices only. For legal reasons, we cannot provide tech support for personal devices (laptops, cell phones, etc.) except to help you connect them to classroom projectors.

We can, however, provide instructors with a department-owned Chromebook for use in teaching and research. We also have a limited number of Macbook Pro laptops available for 1-day checkout.

Using personal devices for teaching

You are welcome to use personal devices for teaching, if you so choose. If the device is compatible with the cable and adaptor(s) provided in the classroom, we can help you get connected and assist when there are issues. Our classroom technology guide provides a list of available display ports and cables so you can determine what display ports are present on your device. (We highly recommend reviewing this guide before using a new device in the classroom.)

On-campus support for personal devices

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Huskertech Help Center (also known as "MySupport") offers technology support services for personal devices belonging to students, staff and faculty. The Help Center has two locations in Love Library: a help desk in the Adele Hall Learning Commons (Love Library North, near the Dunkin Donuts), and a full service location in Room 31 (Love Library South, basement level).

Huskertech can assist students, staff, and faculty with:

  • Campus Wi-Fi connections
  • University email accounts
  • My.UNL/Canvas

The Help Center in Love Library South Room 31 also offers repairs, backups, virus removals, software installations, and hardware upgrades for personal devices. A complete list of repair services and rates is available on the Huskertech website.

The best way to get in contact with Huskertech is to visit one of their locations or send an email to