Detailed instructions can be found in Canvas' official documentation.

About the Syllabus page

The Syllabus page in Canvas is automatically generated based on Assignments and Events within a course. All assignments (unpublished and published) are listed in the syllabus for instructors, while students will only see published assignments.

If you have a Syllabus PDF or Word doument, you can upload and link to it on this page  instead of relying on the automatically generated list of assignments.

Uploading a syllabus document

To upload a syllabus document, click the "Edit" button near the top right corner of the page. Then, follow the instructions for attaching a file to a Canvas page.
Edit button

Copying and pasting syllabus text

If your syllabus does not include large tables or figures, you may want to try copying the text and pasting it into Canvas' Rich Text Editor.

  1. Click the "Edit" button near the top right corner of the page.
    Edit button
  2. Click anywhere inside the large text box labeled "Syllabus Description" to place your cursor.
    Syllabus description box
  3. Copy the text of your syllabus and paste it into the "Syllabus Description" box.
    Syllabus text pasted into description box
  4. Reformat the text as needed, and then click "Update Syllabus" to save the page.
    Update syllabus