Undergraduate Awards & Honors

Research & Creative Activity Awards

National Awards

Fulbright Research/Study Award

Jenna Brende, the Netherlands (2019)

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships

Azlin Armstrong, Bulgaria (2018)
Amzie Dunekacke, Czech Republic (2018)
Andrea Hartrman, Mongolia (2018)
Emma Himes, Spain (2018)
Meghan Leadabrand, Germany (2018)
Layla Younis, Bahrain (2017)
Vince Moran, Mexico (2017)

American Forensics Association National Individual Champion & All-American

Becca Human (2019)

University Awards

Student Luminary Award

Taylor Daum (2022)

Student Impact Awards - Sport Club Athletes of the Year

Abbey O'Brien, UNL Cycling Club (2022)

Undergraduate Research Poster Award

Awarded by the Office of Research & Economic Development for outstanding posters at the annual undergraduate poster session.

Simone Droge and Gayle Rocz (2019)

Faculty sponsor: Andrew Jewell, University Libraries

Joshua Warren (2019)

Faculty sponsor: Michael Dodd, Department of Psychology

UCARE Research Awards

The Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience (UCARE) program enables students to work one-on-one with a faculty research advisor.

UCARE Recipients

Department Awards

Department Writing Contests

Each year, the Department of English holds writing contests for student writers, with awards for poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and scholarly writing.

Writing Contest Winners

Laurus Awards

Laurus is the definitive collection of writing and visual art created (and edited) by UNL undergraduates. Special poetry and prose awards are selected from each year's contributors by committees of graduate students and instructors.

Laurus Award Winners

Academic Awards

University Awards

Chancellor's Scholars

Presented to graduates of the University Honors Program who have maintained a 4.0 grade-point averages on all collegiate work.

Tasneem Huq (2022)
Grace Jacobsen (2022)
Natalia Martinez (2022)
Alexis Stoffers (2022)
Lauren Yaple (2022)
Michaela Brown (2021)
McKenna Schneider (2021)
Olivia Schmitz (Dec 2020)
Simone Louise Droge (2020)
Celie J. Knudsen (2020)
Abbigail Mazour (2018)
Emma Himes (2018)
Faith Thomas (2018)
Erin Marra (2017)
Landon Sadler (2016)

Dean's List Honorees

Each semester, students with high academic performance are named to the Dean's List/Explore Center List of Distinguished Students. In the College of Arts & Sciences, students with a grade point average of 3.7 or higher are named to the Dean's List.

English & Film Studies Honorees

Graduations with Distinction

Highest Distinction

Tasneem Huq (2022)
Maggie Rieckman (2022)
Alexis Stoffers (2022)
Megan Willburn (2022)
Michaela Brown (2021)
Erin Kruger (2021)
McKenna Schneider (2021)
Mallorie Sckerl (2021)
Maddie Stuart (Dec 2020)
Simone Droge (2020)
Celie Knudsen (2020)
Marielle Crisler (Dec 2019)
Emily Benes (2019)
Jennifer Blank (2019)
Becca Human (2019)
Amzie Dunekacke (2018)
Emma Himes (2018)
Meghan Leadbrand (2018)
Lori Nevole (2018)

High Distinction

Lauren Yaple (2022)
Kayleigh Ryan (Dec 2022)
Adison Pace (2021)
Izchel Quintero (2021)
Ben Rhodes (2021)
Victoria Bu (2021)
Paige DuRandt (2021)
Hannah Morrison (Dec 2020)
Olivia Schmitz (Dec 2020)
Ryn Baginski (2020)
Megan Dailey (2020)
Cassidy Gillespie (2020)
Julien Hoffman (2020)
Addison Schneider (2020)
Lynda Clause (Dec 2019)
Regan Chasek (2019)
Kari Brynjulson (2018)
Sara Duke (2018)
Abbigail Mazour (2018)
Faith Thomas (2018)
Dominic Yarabe (2018)


Molly Beck (2022)
Grace Jacobsen (2022)
Sarah Kee (2022)
Natalia Martinez (2022)
Grace Dunbar (2022)
Taylor Hogan (2022)
Cal Ivey (2022)
Eric Morris (2022)
Elsa Rasmussen (2022)
Mia Schaeppi (2022)
Sydney Schumacher (2022)
Brandon Unverth (2022)
Grace Fitzgibbon (Dec 2022)
Teagan Graber (Dec 2022)
Maia Bryan (Summer 2022)
Ellen Kratzer (2021)
Myah Mattke (2021)
Hannah Shields (2021)
Bryan Christman (2021)
Sophie Miller (2021)
Olivia Appleget (Dec 2020)
Jessa Bateman (Dec 2020)
Emily Breit (Dec 2020)
Rhianna Giron (Dec 2020)
Mackenzie Burch (2020)
Talitha Greaver (2020)
Chandler Parks (2020)
Rose Wehrman (2020)
Susannah Boyer (Dec 2019)
Katie Anderson (2019)
Kyrsten Athan (2019)
Danielle Bischoff (2019)
Hailey Fischer (2019)
Rachael Gordon (2019)
Matthew Karnes (2019)
Morgan McChesney (2019)
Shaelyn Ramos (2019)
Katrina Voge (2019)
Maci Burke (2018)
Ilze Lipins (2018)
Drue Marr (2018)
Stephanie Schell (2018)

Faculty & Graduate Student Achievements

Awards, honors, and recognition received by English and Film Studies faculty and graduate students, past and present.

Faculty Awards & Honors

Graduate Student Awards & Honors