Frequently Asked Questions about Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Training

Questions and Answers for All Members of the Campus Community

I am concerned about the training being difficult, because I have been impacted by sexual or relationship violence. What options are available to me?

Please see the information available here:

How can I verify that I have completed the training?

The confirmation of completion is displayed in Bridge. You can also generate a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

To confirm status or generate a certificate after completion follow these steps.

  1. Log in to Bridge at
  2. On the Dashboard, find the program under the "Completed" section and click on the "Review" button
  3. Select the "View Certificate" button at the top of the page.

Questions and Answers for Students

What happens if I do not complete the training requirement?

For Spring 2021, the Bridge system will send periodic reminders that you are overdue. Starting in Fall 2021, a hold will be placed on your registration that will impact registration for subsequent terms, beginning with courses for Spring 2022.

Questions and Answers for Faculty and Staff

For faculty and staff, is completion information still accessible in Firefly?

As stated above, the completion information is available in Bridge. There is a tile with a shortcut to Bridge in Firefly, but the information does not appear there directly.

Is the training required for part-time employees?

Generally, yes. If you are a part-time permanent or part-time temporary employee, please complete the training. If you are an on-call employee, contact your supervisor to ask. If your supervisor does not know, ask them to contact Ryan Fette at

If you are a student worker or graduate assistant, you will need to take the appropriate student training program. Undergraduates will take U Got This!. Graduate and professional students will take U Got This! 2.