Board Meeting Reports

1. Executive Director and Treasurer’s Report - Balance 2018; Profit and Loss 2018; Profit and Lost 2019 1st quarter

2. Committees and Liaisons:
      a)  Award Committees:
                  * Bloch - reportBurgess-Proctor CV
                  * Carte (final due 8/15)
                  * Cavan
                  * Fellows - report; Abril CV; Brunson CV; Hawkins CV; Kubrin CV; Zatz CV
                   * Hindelang (final due 8/15)
                   * Mentor (final due 8/15)
                   * Outstanding Article (final due 8/15)
                   * Peterson Fellowship - report; Caroline Bailey CV; Leah Butler CV; Christopher Contreras CV
                   * Presidential Award
                   * Sellin-Glueck - report; nomination letter
                   * Sutherland 
                   * Teaching Award (final due 8/15)
                   * Vollmer

      b)   CJRA - letter; report
      c)   Collaborative Research Initiatives Committee
      d)   Development Committee - Development Committee policies; Solicitation brochure
      e)   Diversity and Inclusion Committee
      f)    Ethics Committee
      g)   Liaisons to Related Societies:
             * AAAS
             * COSSA
             * United Nations

      h)   Membership Committee
      i)    Mentoring Committee
      j)    Nominations Committee (final due 10/15)
      k)   Peterson Fellows Development Committee - report; charge
      l)    Policy Committee
      m)  Publications Committee - report; Benson application; Benson CV
      n)   Social Media      
      o)   Student Affairs Committee 
      p)   Teaching Committee
     q)   Ad Hoc Committee on Meeting Misconduct - MeToo letter; Meeting misconduct survey proposal; survey

3.  Criminology - report; new co-editors

4.  Criminology & Public Policy  

5.  Divisions:
        a)   BioPsychoSocial
        b)   Communities and Place
        c)   Corrections and Sentencing
        d)   Critical Criminology and Social Justice
        e)   Developmental and Life Course Criminology
         f)   Experimental Criminology
        g)   International Criminology - report; newsletter                  
        h)   People of Color and Crime
         i)   Policing
         j)   Rural Crime
        k)   Terrorism and Bias Crime
        l)    Victimology
       m)   White Collar and Corporate Crime
        n)   Women and Crime - report; newsletter;  DWC Title IX statement        

6.    Oral History Project

 7.   Committee Appointments:
        a)  2020 Program Committee
        b)  2020 Standing Committees

  8.  New Business:
        a)  Atlanta app usage statistics