University Commencement and Recognition Committee

2023-2024 MEMBERS

Voting Members:

Jascika Maclean, Graduate Student Assembly Representative May 2024
Paul Pechous, ASUN Rep May 2024
Logan Walsh, ASUN Rep May 2024
Scott Fuess, Economics August 2024
Vanessa Gorman, History and Classics, CHAIR August 2024
Kara Viesca, Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education August 2026
Jena Asgarpoor, College of Engineering August 2026
Josh Davis, Associate to the Chancellor cont.
Robert Gorman, Head Marshall cont.
Tamy Burnett, University Honors Program Designee and Associate Head Marshall cont.

 Non-Voting Members

NAME EMAIL                                TERM           
Noah Shuler, Designee for the VC for Student Affairs cont.
Steven Booton, Office of University Registrar cont.
Gail Meyer, Associate Registrar cont.
Eva Bachman, Academic Success Corrdinator and Associate Registrar cont.
Scott Krienert, Coordinator of Graduation Services, Office of the Registrar cont.
Terri Eastin, Master's Programms Coordinator for Graduate Studies cont.
Kelsey Sims, Doctoral Programs Coordinator cont.
Shelley Zaborowski, Alumni Association cont.
Scott Anderson, School of Music cont.
Annette Wetzel, Executive Director of Special Events and Protocol cont.
Corrie Svehla, Manager, Special Events & Projects cont.
Ann Tschetter, Associate Head Marshal, History cont.


 The University Commencement and Recognition Committee shall consist of 10 voting members:

 (a) four faculty members appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate

(b) the Head Marshal of the Marshal Corps;

(c) two upper class students and one graduate student selected as determined by ASUN

(d) the Director of the Honors Program

(e) Chancellor or designee

Plus the following non-voting members:

(a) Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or designee

(b) The University Registrar and the following staff members: (a) Associate Registrar(s), as appropriate (one of whom will serve as Secretary of the Committee); Coordinator of Graduation Services

(c) Representatives from Graduate Studies:  Master's Programs Coordinator and Ph.D. Programs Coordinator 

(d) Representatives of the Office of Special Events (as appropriate)

(e) Representative from the School of Music

(f) Representative from the Alumni Association

(g) Associate Head Marshals of the University Marshal Corps

Voting members of the University Commencement and Recognition Committees are:  the four faculty members, two upper class students and one graduate student, Director of the Honors Program, and Chancellor or designee.  The term for the four faculty members is three years.  The term for the upper class students and gradute student are for one year.  The term for the other members is continuous.


1. The University Commencement and  Committee (UCRC) shall be primarily responsible for coordinating plans for commencement.  The program and arrangement for UNL commencement and honors ceremonies shall be subject to approval by a majority of the voting members of the UCRC. Those responsible for developing the specific programs and arrangements, including the Chancellor or designee, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or designee, and/or other UNL staff members, will seek review and approval of the UCRC in a timely and appropriate fashion.

2. The UCRC shall especially authorize the preparation of appropriate certificates and awards to be presented during these ceremonies in accord with provision of the Faculty Senate governing honors, awards or recognitions for scholarship. The UCRC shall also be responsible for approving academic honors to be bestowed upon students during commencement exercises.

 3. The UCRC shall establish a regular procedure for ensuring the maintenance of an adequate Marshal Corps and shall evaluate the role of the Marshal Corps annually.

4. The Committee shall report regularly to the Faculty Senate, and recommend changes in these policies and provisions if and when it is deemed appropriate to do so.

Operating Procedures and Guidelines Adopted by the UCRC:

The committee shall file in the Faculty Senate Office (a) minutes of its meetings, and (b) a current statement of operating procedures and guidelines adopted by the committee itself. For more information on this committee and general Faculty Senate rules governing its operation see the Preface.