Committee on Committees

2022-2023 MEMBERS

Eveline Baesu, Mechanical Engineering August 2024
Tammie Fischer, Economics August 2024
Jeffrey Smith, Sociology August 2024
Margaret Mering, University Libraries August 2025
Nate Ianno, Electrical & Computer Engineering August 2025
Max Mueller, Classics & Religious Studies August 2025
Kevin Hanrahan, Glenn Korff School of Music August 2026
Elizabeth Spiller, English August 2026
David Macaulay, University Libraries August 2026
Josh Davis, Associate to the Chancellor cont.
Karen Griffin, Coordinator of Faculty Governance (non-voting) cont.


The Committee on Committees shall consist of eleven (11) members who shall be representative of the diverse ranks and academic units of UNL.

(a) One (1) faculty member elected each year from and by the Faculty Senate in the Spring semester; nominees shall be selected from the current Senate by the Executive Committee;

(b) Two faculty members appointed each year by the Faculty Senate President;

(c) The President of the Faculty Senate or designee;

(d) The Chancellor or designee.

No more than two members of any one college faculty and no more than eight full professors (in each case, excluding the President of the Faculty Senate, the Chancellor or their designees) shall serve on the Committee.


Except for the President of the Faculty Senate and the Chancellor (or their designees), faculty members elected or appointed shall serve three year terms. The terms will begin with the academic year.


(1) The Committee shall study the organization and operation of all standing and special committees of the faculty Senate and of the various boards, councils, and committees of UNL, either as requested by the Chancellor or the Faculty Senate or on its own initiative.

(2) The Committee may make recommendations in writing to the Chancellor or the Faculty Senate with respect to improvements in committee structure and operation.

(3) The Committee shall provide nominations, recommendation, and direct appointments for committees in accordance with the Preface and committee descriptions in this Syllabus.



The committee shall file in the Faculty Senate Office (a) minutes of its meetings, and (b) a current statement of operating procedures and guidelines adopted by the committee itself. For more information on this committee and general Faculty Senate rules governing its operations see the Preface.