Diversity and Inclusion Committee*


2022-2023 Membership

Corey Rumann, Educational Administration, Faculty Representative crumann2@unl.edu July 2023
Eveline Baesu, Mechincal and Materials Engineering, Faculty Representative ebaesu@unl.edu July 2024
Roberto Cortinas, Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences, Faculty Representative, CO-CHAIR rcortinas@unl.edu July 2025
Lisa Karr, Animal Science, Extension Representative lisa.karr@unl.edu July 2023
Robin Garewal, Marketing, Non-tenure Track Faculty Representative rgarewal2@unl.edu July 2025
Shavonna Holman, Educational Administration, Non-tenure Track Faculty Representative sholman2@unl.edu July 2023
Cynthia Willis-Esqueda, Ethnic Studies, VC for Diversity and Inclusion Faculty Representative cwillis-esqueda1@unl.edu July 2023
Gwendolyn Combs, Management, VC for Diversity and Inclusion Designee, CO-CHAIR gcombs2@unl.edu cont.
Ritsa Giannakas, ASUN Representative rgiannakas@gmail.com July 2023
Mithila Anugolu, GSA Representative manugolu2@huskers.unl.edu July 2022
Beverly Russell, UAAD Representative brussell1@unl.edu July 2022
 Mirhuanda Meeks, UNOPA Representative mmeeks2@unl.edu July 2022


The committee shall consist of 13 members, all appointed by the Faculty Senate President including:

a) Four tenured or tenure-leading faculty members

b) Two non-tenure track faculty members, at-large who have a minimum of three years of service to the university (non-Extension)

c) One Extension Educator

d) One faculty member appointment nominated by the Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion

e) One UAAD Representative (non-voting)

f) One UNOPA Representative (non-voting)

g) One ASUN Representative (non-voting)

h) One GSA Representative (non-voting)

i) Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion or designee (non-voting)

The Committee shall elect from the faculty members a chair and chair-elect that coincides with Faculty Senate elections.  The Chair will report annually to the Faculty Senate.  


The Faculty Senate Diversity & Inclusion Committee supports the university’s diversity and inclusive excellence efforts by actively assessing how well the university’s policies promote diversity, equity, and inclusion of thoughts, ideas, and people among the faculty; promoting diversity and inclusion across all disciplines; reviewing and recommending solutions to issues regarding policies and practices in the areas of faculty development; faculty recruitment and retention; scholarship and research, and curriculum; providing material, curricular support, and guidance for faculty teaching, research/creative activity, and service related to diversity and inclusion; and liaising and coordinating between the Faculty Senate and key university units and stakeholders on the previously mentioned areas, including but not limited to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion—including Office of Academic Success and Intercultural Services, Chancellor’s Diversity Commissions, Council on Inclusive Excellence and Diversity, Global Engagement, Institutional Equity and Compliance, Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, LGBTQA+ and Women’s Centers, Military & Veteran Success Center, and other relevant parties.

 The specific duties of the committee include, but are not limited to:

1.  Reviewing periodically promotion and tenure practices across the university ensure issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion are being addressed, and recommending policies and practices, if necessary.

    2.  Advising the Faculty Senate President and Executive Committee on the impact of University policies, programs and services on diversity and inclusion.

    3.  Reviewing policies, programs and services related to diversity and inclusion of faculty.

    4.  Bringing concerns to the Senate, as appropriate, and recommend to the Senate Executive Committee such actions or policies as it deems appropriate.

    5.  Providing a forum to which faculty, staff, and students may refer questions and recommendations concerning University diversity-related policies and procedures.