Draft Draft Draft (00nov15mins)



Present:        Bender, Bryant, Fuller, Jackson, Latta, Scheideler,  Siekman, Swoboda


Absent:          Humes, Miller, Prochaska Cue, Whitt, Zorn


Date:              Wednesday, November 15, 2000


Location:       420 University Terrace, Academic Senate Office

1.0          Call to Order

                Scheideler called the meeting to order at 3:10 PM.


2.0          Announcements

2.1   Next Executive Committee Meeting

Scheideler announced that the next Executive Committee meeting will be on November 29th.  The committee will not meet on November 22 due to the Thanksgiving holiday break.


3.0          Approval of 11/8/00 Minutes

Bryant moved and Bender seconded approval of the minutes as amended.


4.0          Unfinished Business

                4.1   Evaluation of Dean Swoboda

The Executive Committee reviewed and evaluated the performance of Dean Don Swoboda, Division of Continuing Studies.


4.2   Email Policy

Item postponed due to lack of time.


4.3   Prioritization Process

The committee discussed how the initial prioritization list was developed and formulated in each of their colleges and IANR.  The general consensus was that many of the colleges and IANR appear to have formulated very broad priority statements that appear to encompass the activities of most existing programs, while others only put forth new program areas as priorities.  The committee felt that there needs to be an avenue for continued and meaningful faculty input as the process moves forward.  The committee agreed that this issue should be kept on the agenda for future meetings.


5.0          New Business

5.1   Plus Minus Grading System

Scheideler noted that the ASUN were considering a resolution to change the grading system to a plus minus system.  She reported that she received a fax from Senator Ford, English, in support of this grading system change.  She stated that he indicated that he would like to have et the support of the Executive Committee for his resolution.  If not, he indicated that he would be prepared to make a resolution at the next Senate meeting.  Latta stated that she would need to consult with her constituents before she could vote to support the resolution.   The Executive Committee agreed that they would need to speak to their constituents before they could make any decisions regarding this issue.  The committee also decided to wait for the ASUN vote and to act accordingly based upon their actions. 


The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 PM.  The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be at 3:00 PM on Wednesday, November 29, 2000 at 420 University Terrace, Academic Senate Office.  Respectfully submitted, David S. Jackson, Secretary.