Draft Draft Draft (01sep26mins)



Present:          Bryant, Fuller, Miller, Sawyer, Scheideler, Siekman, Spann, Whitt, Wolf            


Absent:           King, Logan-Peters, Prochaska-Cue


Date:               Wednesday, September 26, 2001


Location:        Academic Senate Office, 420 University Terrace

1.0       Call to Order

            Bryant called the meeting to order at 3:07 p.m.


2.0       Announcements

            2.1      Proposals for Federal Legislative Initiatives

Bryant announced that October 15 is the deadline date for submitting preliminary proposals for federal legislative initiatives.  He stated that the preliminary proposals should be 1 – 2 pages and should include a summary, the need for the project, project description, and institutional uniqueness.  Proposals should be sent to the Office of Research, 302 Canfield Administration Building, City Campus (0433).


2.2      Contacting Legislators

Bryant reported that central administration is encouraging faculty to contact their state legislator to discuss the positive things happening at the university and to point out how a large budget cut would have serious impacts on it.  He noted that letters to the editor of local papers would also be helpful.  Wolf asked if the university has any knowledge of how large the budget cut will be to the university.  Bryant stated that the legislature is not meeting until October 19th to discuss the state budget and therefore the amount of the budget cut is unknown at this time. 


2.3       Pepsi Committee

Byrant reported that Mary Beck, Animal Science, will be the faculty representative on the Pepsi Endowment Committee.


3.0       Approval of 9/19/01 Minutes

            Whitt moved and Fuller seconded approval of the minutes as amended.  Motion approved.


4.0       Annual Evaluations and Hedges Language

The committee discussed proposed revisions to the Guidelines for the Evaluation of Faculty:  Annual Evaluations, Promotion, and Tenure.  The committee agreed that most of the recommended additions should be approved; however, they requested clarification regarding internal applicants for UNL administrative positions.  The committee agreed that a summary of the changes should be presented to the full Senate for approval.


5.0       Visit of Fellowships to Observe Executive Committee Meeting

The committee agreed to allow two guests, Eric Lee of UNL, and Theresa Barron-McKeagney of UNO, who are participating in Central Administration’s Equity Administrative Fellowships, to observe the Executive Committee during its October 31st meeting. 


6.0       Unfinished Business

            6.1       Summer Sessions Class Times

Bryant reported that some faculty members are interested in teaching summer session classes four times a week rather than five.  He noted that this schedule would be more beneficial for the students in Teachers College since many of them are teachers from Nebraska public schools who are coming into Lincoln to take specific classes.  He stated that Janet Wagner, Assistant Director of Summer Sessions, recommends that the Senate adopt language specifying that a four day week is permissible to the 1987 resolution establishing standard class meeting times for the summer.  The committee agreed that this language should be adopted and that a motion proposing this change should be presented to the Senate for approval.


            6.2       Report on meeting to Discuss Proposed Revisions to ARRC Procedures

Bryant reported that he met with Professors Jim McShane, English, and Mary Beck, Animal Science to discuss the proposed changes to the ARRC procedures.  He reported that McShane and Beck had further concerns on the revisions.  The committee agreed that the revisions should not be presented to the Senate until the Executive Committee and the Academic Rights & Responsibilities Committee have the opportunity to meet and discuss the concerns raised by McShane and Beck.   


7.0       New Business

            7.1       Nominations for Honorary Degrees

Bryant reported that the Honorary Degrees committee is calling for nominations.  He stated that if faculty would like to nominate someone, they should contact the Honorary Degrees committee.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.  The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be held on Wednesday, October 3rd at 3:00 p.m. in 201 Canfield Administration Building.  Respectfully submitted by Karen Griffin, Coordinator and James King, Secretary.