Executive Committee Minutes - November 5, 2003




Present:          Beck, Carlo, Fech, Fuller, Logan-Peters, Peterson, Shea, Spann, Wunder


Absent:           Alexander, Buck, Miller, Whitt


Date:               Wednesday, November 5, 2003


Location:        Academic Senate Office, 420 University Terrace


1.0       Call to Order

            Wunder called the meeting to order at 2:35 p.m.


2.0       Announcements

No announcements were made.


3.0       Approval of 10/29/03 Minutes

Shea moved and Spann seconded approval of the minutes as amended.  Motion approved.


4.0       Unfinished Business

            4.1       Motion Regarding Pay for President of the University of Nebraska

Wunder asked the Committee if they should present a motion to the Senate in December regarding the suggestions made to increase the President’s salary up to $600,000.  He stated that such a salary should not be considered with the current economic crisis that is hitting the state.  He pointed out that the salary should be comparable to past President’s salaries.  Carlo suggested looking at the salaries of presidents at our peer institutions.  Beck pointed out that many of the peer institutions are in states that have a much higher population and that they have the tax base to help support a higher salary.  Fuller stated that all of the additional perks that a president receives should also be addressed. 


Peterson pointed out that a decision has not been made yet regarding a salary amount.  Carlo stated that the draft should make an argument on what should be considered when deciding what salary amount should be given.  Spann noted that reports on President Smith’s work have been very favorable.  He pointed out that if President Smith could be hired for the amount he is paid than other people are probably out there who could do as good a job for comparable money. 


Wunder asked Carlo and Beck to draft a resolution and bring it to the Committee at the next meeting.   




            4.2       Panel of January Senate Meeting Discussing Blue Skies Report

Wunder stated that Professor Whitt will chair the panel discussion on the Blue Skies Report.  He suggested that Professor Ann Mari May, Economics, and Professor Ali Moeller, Teaching, Learning, and Teachers Education, should also be on the panel since they are both members of the Academy of Distinguished Professors as well as being members of the Senate.  The Committee suggested that Professor Jim King, Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication should also be included on the panel.  Wunder stated that Professor Roger Bruning, Chair of the Blue Skies Committee, and Dean of Undergraduate Studies Rita Kean should be invited to the January meeting to respond to the panels comments.  Wunder stated that he would contact each of the identified professors and speak with them about serving on the panel. 


4.3       ES/IS Committee

Peterson reported that the committee is planning to present a proposal to the Senate at the December meeting.  He stated that the procedures will need to be checked to see what needs to be done next if the Senate approves the motion. 


Wunder stated that he received an email message from Professor Scott Fuess, Chair of the UNL Curriculum Committee.  Fuess has many questions regarding the role of the Curriculum Committee.  Wunder pointed out that there are some fundamental issues that need to be addressed and that they coincide with the ES/IS revisions.  Peterson stated that the ES/IS Committee has discussed this issue.  The UNL Curriculum Committee currently monitors new course proposals for duplication and decides on IS course proposals.  If these responsibilities are eliminated through expedited, on-line course approval and changes in the IS program, it might be possible to eliminate the UNL Curriculum Committee.  Wunder pointed out that there needs to be a campus Committee to oversee the courses, otherwise you could have colleges monopolizing the courses their students need to take.  Peterson stated that he did not believe this would happen because the curriculum is really at the department level.  Wunder noted that it is not about courses required for a major.  Carlo stated that there needs to be some kind of safeguard above the college level on curriculum.  He noted that the Deans should have some kind of oversight regarding the curriculum.  Spann pointed out that the Curriculum Committee makes sure that new courses are not duplications of other courses already being offered on campus.  Wunder stated that there needs to be some kind of quality control of courses. 


5.0              <![endif]>New Business

5.1       Student Presentation on Patriot Act for December Senate Meeting

Wunder reported that undergraduate students in Political Science have approached him about making a presentation to the Academic Senate regarding the impacts of the Patriot Act.  Peterson noted that the Patriot Act does have serious implications for the students and the university and presenting the information would be a good experience for the students.  Members of the committee asked if anyone has seen the presentation.  Spann suggested that the Executive Committee should see the presentation first to determine if it should be made to the full Senate. 


Wunder noted that Director Harriet Turner and Associate Dean Peter Levitov of International Affairs, and Exec. Associate Dean of Graduate Studies Ellen Weissinger will be meeting with the Executive Committee on November 19th to discuss the effects of the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act on international students.  Fech suggested that Turner, Levitov, and Weissinger should be invited to review the student presentation when it is presented to the Executive Committee. 


5.2       Bylaw Revisions for Senate

Wunder reported that the Senate Rules and Bylaws Committee is being chaired by Professor John Bender.  He stated that the Committee is looking at two matters:  1) motions made at the last Senate meeting of the academic year and whether they should be carried over during the summer, and 2) the possibility of creating a nominations committee for the position of President Elect.  Logan-Peters asked where the members of the nomination committee would come from.  Wunder stated it would be up to the Senate Rules and Bylaws Committee to make this decision.  He suggested that a more formal process is needed. 


Logan-Peters pointed out that the Faculty Compensation Advisory Committee structure should also be looked at.  She stated that the chair of this committee is the President-Elect which seems backwards.  She pointed out that the outgoing President should be chair because he or she would have more experience.  Wunder stated that any other issues that people are concerned about regarding the Senate rules and bylaws should be brought to the attention of the Senate Rules and Bylaws Committee (members are Professors John Bender, Ann Mari May, and David Jackson). 


Carlo suggested that there should be some kind of mechanism in place for the Senate to either meet or have some kind of communications when major issues, such as budget cuts, are decided during the summer.  He pointed out that the inability for the Senate to communicate during the summer causes problems for the faculty.  Wunder suggested that corresponding through electronic means could be one way to address this problem.  Spann pointed out that the Senate Bylaws state that the Executive Committee represents the Senate during times when the Senate cannot meet. 


5.3       UNOPA and UAAD Resolution and Revisions of APC and Reduction-in-Force Procedures

Wunder reported that both UNOPA and UAAD are considering resolutions calling for representation on the Academic Planning Committee.  He stated that UAAD sent a letter to the Chancellor requesting that these organizations be represented, particularly during times of budget cuts.  Wunder stated that the Chancellor responded in a letter that he did not believe it was necessary to have these groups represented on the APC.  Wunder pointed out that in the previous procedures, UNOPA and UAAD did have representatives to the committee that dealt with reductions in force.  He noted that the procedures were changed when Chancellor Spanier was at the campus.


Beck asked if Wunder was going to revive the ad hoc committee to review the 1986 procedures with the 1993 procedures to deal with budget cuts.  Wunder stated that he would like to revive the committee.


Carlo asked if UNOPA and UAAD have been involved in any kind of discussion with the Executive Committee regarding collective bargaining units.  He pointed out that all three groups seem to have common goals.  Wunder stated that he, Peterson, and Fuller have met twice with UNOPA and UAAD representatives this semester.  He stated that discussion occurred about the Academic Senate hearing presentations on collective bargaining at UNO and UNK. 


Peterson asked if the Executive Committee should offer formal support of the resolutions.  The Committee decided to discuss this issue at the next meeting.


            5.4       Child Care Committee – ASUN Weighs In

Wunder reported that ASUN has provided input on the issue of child care on campus.  However, since the chair of the Child Care Committee is not present, discussion is postponed.


5.5       Dead Week Revisions

Wunder reported that ASUN is beginning work on suggestions on how to revise the dead week policy.  He noted that there are many violations by faculty of the policy and a lot of inconsistencies.  Peterson stated that one of the considerations is to have a dead day with no classes rather than having an entire week. 


Carlo asked who schedules final exams and if there was anyway to coordinate the university’s calendar with LPS’s calendar.  He noted that the different schedules cause difficulties for university employees that have children.  Wunder stated that the LPS schedule is a part of the union contract and that the university schedule and LPS’s schedule are entirely separate. 


The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.  The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be on Wednesday, November 12th at 3:00 pm.  The meeting will be held in 201 Canfield Administration Building.  The minutes are respectfully submitted by Karen Griffin, Coordinator and Shelley Fuller, Secretary.