Faculty Compensation Advisory Committee

2021-2022 MEMBERS


Nicole Buan, Past President, Faculty Senate, CHAIR nbuan@unl.edu April 2022
Kim Bearnes, Extension Educator, Engagement Zone 5 kbearnes1@unl.edu August 2023
Shireen Adenwalla, Physics & Astronomy sadenwalla@unl.edu August 2023
Tomas Helikar, Biochemistry thelikar2@unl.edu August 2023
Katie Krcmarik, College of Journalism and Mass Communications kkrcmarik2@unl.edu August 2023
Erica Schauer, Modern Languages & Literature eschauer2@unl.edu August 2024
Michael Boehm, VC of IANR mboehm3@unl.edu cont.
Elizabeth Spiller, Executive Vice Chancellor espiller2@unl.edu cont.
Archie Clutter, Dean, Agricultural Research Division aclutter2@unl.edu cont.
Claire Stewart, Dean, University Libraries cstewart@unl.edu cont.
Tom Marley, Chair, Mathematics tmarley1@unl.edu cont.



Steve Kolbe, President, Faculty Senate skolbe2@unl.edu April 2022
Deb Minter, President-Elect, Faculty Senate dminter1@unl.edu April 2023
Mike Zeleny, Associate to the Chancellor mike.zeleny@unl.edu cont.
Jeff Bassford, Assistant VC of IANR jbassford2@unl.edu
Michelle Waite, Assistant to the Chancellor for Community Affairs mwaite1@unl.edu cont.
Phil Berlie, Executive Director University Budgeting pberlie2@unl.edu cont.
Bill Nunez, Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance bill.nunez@unl.edu cont.



The Faculty Compensation Advisory Committee shall consist of the President, President-Elect, and Past President of the Faculty Senate, five faculty members appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate, one of whom shall have an appointment in Extension, one of whom shall have a non-tenure track appointment of .50 FTE or greater and at least three successive years of employment at UNL, and one of whom shall be knowledgeable about benefits. The Past President shall serve as chair and be a voting member. The President and President-Elect will serve as nonvoting members. The Past President and four other faculty members shall also serve on the Employees Benefits Committee.

Other full voting members of the committee will be the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer, or designee, the Vice Chancellor, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, or designee, two deans appointed by the Chancellor, plus one department chair appointed by the Chancellor from a college not represented by the two deans.

Administrative support will be provided as needed by the Associate to the Chancellor, the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics, the Assistant to the Chancellor for Community Relations, the Budget Director and the Assistant Vice Chancellor, Institute for Agriculture and Natural Resources.


Each faculty member shall be appointed to a three-year term.


The committee shall serve as the advisory committee to the Chancellor on matters related to faculty salaries and total compensation and shall provide information relative to salaries and total compensation to the Faculty Senate. For these purposes, each faculty member's total compensation shall be regarded as including salary and clear and well defined monetary benefits. To that end it shall:

Conduct the annual, internal study of faculty salaries and total compensation which shall include comparisons among appropriate groups of faculty. The study shall examine salary and total compensation patterns which may be inequitable or discriminatory.

Develop appropriate comparisons between University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty salaries and total compensation and those at peer institutions and review administrative salary patterns.

Advise the Chancellor on salary and total compensation policy matters on a continuing basis, including, but not limited to salary and total compensation policy and administrative stipends.

Advise the Chancellor on an annual basis regarding the distribution of annual salary increases.

Through the Office of the Chancellor, provide information to the University community about the status of faculty salaries and total compensation and recommendations regarding faculty salary and total compensation increases.

Provide assistance in presenting the case for salary and total compensation increases to appropriate political entities.

Inform the Faculty Senate about policies concerning salaries and total compensation for administrators at the level of dean and above.


The Committee shall meet on a regular basis throughout the year and shall report to the Chancellor on its activities and findings. On at least an annual basis the committee shall report to the Faculty Senate on its activities and findings.