Information Technologies and Services Committee

2021-2022 MEMBERS

 Katie Alles, GSA August 2022
 ASUN August 2022
Jeff Stevens, Psychology August 2022
Justin Olmanson, Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education August 2023
Jenny Nixon, Panhandle Research & Extension August 2023
Nathan Koch, Glenn Korff School of Music August 2023
Rich Leiter, College of Law August 2023
Derek Weitzel, Computer Science & Engineering August 2024
Brent Plugge, West Central Research & Extension August 2024
Heath Tuttle, Chief Information Officer (ex-officio, non-voting) cont.
Renee Batman, Representative of Academic Affairs (non-voting) cont.
Tiffany Heng-Moss, Representative of Agriculture and Natural Resources, (non-voting) cont.


The Information Technologies & Services Committee shall consist of twelve (12) members:

a) seven (7) faculty members appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate (members shall be selected so as to give the broadest possible representation of categories of computer users);
b) one undergraduate student as determined by ASUN
c) one graduate student as determined by ASUN)
d) the UNL Chief Information Officer, ex officio, non-voting

e) one represenative (ex-officio, non-voting member) each from: the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; the Vice Chancellor of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Faculty members shall serve three year terms. The terms of the seven faculty members (a) will begin with the academic year, and will be staggered with at least two members appointed annually. The Chief Information Officer will serve continuously. Student members and all other ex-officio members will be appointed annually.

The Information Technologies and Services Committee shall have the responsibilitiy of developing, assessing, and promoting UNL campus-wide IT strategies that will contribute to the success of the university as an intellectual community and that will facilitate research, education, and outreach.

1)  The Committee shall review and recommend policy to the Chief Information Officer and to the Chancellor;

2) The Committee shall review campus-wide IT budgets and expenditures;

3) The Committee shall shall review the organizational structure of IT personnel on campus and recommend changes as appropriate;

4) The Committee shall review and recommend major changes to campus-wide information technologies, including classroom technology and research uses;

5) The Committee shall recommend new technologies to enable the campus to be on the forefront of progressive use of information technologies;

6) The Committee shall appoint a representative to other campus-wide IT policy-making groups (such as the monthly UNL IT Directors' Meeting);

7) The Committee shall review and recommend policy to the Faculty Senate and shall report to the Faculty Senate at least once each year.

The committee shall file in the Faculty Senate Office (a) minutes of its meetings, and (b) a current statement of operating procedures and guidelines adopted by the committee itself. For more information on this committee and general Faculty Senate rules governing its operations see the Preface.

Revised:  April 23, 2013