Grading and Examinations Committee

2017-2018 MEMBERS

Architecture Mark Hinchman Stephanie Kuenning
Arts & Sciences June Griffin Christina Fielder
CASNR Erin Blankenship Nicole Smith
CBA D'Vee Buss Jeff Burdic
Engineering David Jones Lori Straatmann
Fine & Performing Arts Christopher Marks Sara Fedderson
Explore Center** Joseph Lynch William Watts
Graduate College Tim Carr Jane Schneider
Education and Human Sciences John Maag AnnMarie Gottner
Journalism Mary Kay Quinlan Andrea Spader
Public Affairs & Community Service Julie Masters Karen Fulton

Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

or designee

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or designee
ASUN Victoria Burbridge
ASUN Aubree Ford

 **Exploratory and Pre Professional Advising Center appeals are handled by the College of Arts & Sciences.


The Grading and Examinations Committee shall consist of:

(a) one faculty member selected from and by each of the undergraduate colleges at


(b) two undergraduate student selected as determined by ASUN;

(c) one graduate student selected as determined by ASUN;

(d) the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, or designee;

(e) the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, or designee; and

(f) one faculty member selected by UNL Graduate Council.


Faculty members shall serve three year terms. The terms will begin with the academic year, and will be staggered as determined by the Committee on Committees. The Grading and Examinations Committee shall be responsible for notifying appropriate bodies when replacement members are required.


(1) The Grading and Examinations Committee shall be responsible for continued study and evaluation of the existing grading and final examinations systems, shall consider and evaluate proposals for change and modification of the systems, and shall make recommendations for action to the Faculty Senate.

(2) The Grading and Examinations Committee shall recommend to the Faculty Senate examination procedures and review and approve the final examination schedules after receiving recommendations prepared by appropriate administrative officers.

(3) The Grading and Examinations Committee shall consider student appeals regarding "W" and "P/N" policies according to procedures established by the committee and printed in the "UNL Schedule of Classes."

Note: The Grading and Examinations Committee does NOT serve as a grade appeals committee.


The committee shall file in the Faculty Senate Office (a) minutes of its meetings, and (b) a current statement of operating procedures and guidelines adopted by the committee itself. For more information on this committee and general Faculty Senate rules governing its operations, see the Preface.