Past Presidents of the UNL Faculty Senate

James A. Lake College of Law 1971-1972
Wallace Rudolph 1972-1973
Wallace Peterson Economics 1973-1974
Richard Gilbert Chemical Engineering 1974-1975
Franklin Eldridge Animal Science 1975-1976
Henry Baumgarten Geology 1976-1977 (September to mid July)
Michael Turner Agricultural Economics 1977 (mid July to December)
James A. Lake College of Law 1978 (January to December)
William Campbell Physics & Astronomy 1979 (January to December)
Ezekiel Bahar Electrical Engineering 1980 (January to December)
James O'Hanlon Curriculum & Instruction 1981 (January to December)
Larry Walklin Broadcasting 1982-1983 (January 1982-Mary 1983)
Maurice Baker Agricultural Economics 1983-1984
Norman Thorson College of Law 1984-1985
Desmond Wheeler Chemistry 1985-1986
Allen Blezek Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication 1986-1987
Jim Lewis Mathematics 1987-1988
Robert Diffendal Survey Division - School of Natural Resources 1988-1989
James McShane English 1989-1991
George Tuck News-Editorial 1991-1992
Royce Ballinger School of Biological Sciences 1992-1992 (May to December)
Sally Wise College of Law 1993-1994 (January 1993-1994)
Fred Choobineh Industial & Management Systems Engineering 1994-1995
H. Douglas Jose Agricultural Economics 1995-1996
Peter Bleed Anthropology 1996-1997
James E. Ford English 1997-1998
Patricia F. Kennedy Marketing 1998-1999 (April to January)
Gail Latta University Libraries 1999-2000 (January to April)
Sheila Scheideler Animal Science 2000-2001
Miles Bryant Educational Administration 2001-2002
Tice Miller Theatre Arts 2002-2003
John Wunder History 2003-2004
E. Wesley Peterson Agricultural Economics 2004-2005
Mary Beck Animal Science 2005-2006
Aleidine Moeller Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education 2006-2007
Steven Bradford College of Law 2007-2008
Kathy Prochaska-Cue Child, Youth & Family Studies 2008-2009
John Fech Southeast Research and Extension Center 2009-2010
John Lindquist Agronomy & Horticulture 2010-2011
Barbara LaCost Educational Administration 2011-2012
Mathias Schubert Electrical Engineering 2012-2013
Rigoberto Guevara Modern Languages and Literature 2013-2014
Ken Nickerson School of Biological Sciences 2014-2015
John Bender College of Journalism & Mass Communications 2015-2016
David Woodman School of Biological Sciences 2016-2017
Sarah Purcell Southeast Research & Extension Center 2017-2018
Jeffrey Rudy Nutrition and Health Sciences April 24, 2018-October 2, 2018 (impeached)
Kevin Hanrahan Glenn Korff School of Music October 2, 2018-April 28, 2020
Nicole Buan Biochemistry April 28, 2020-April 27, 2021
Steve Kolbe Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film April 27, 2021-April 26, 2022