Past Secretaries of the UNL Faculty Senate

D. P. McGill Agronomy and Horticulture 1976-1977
Audrey Newton Textiles, Clothing & Design 1977-1978
Harry Crockett Sociology and Psychology 1978-1979
Wilma Crumley College of Journalism and Mass Communications 1979-1980
Earl Green School of Music 1980-1981
R. L. Pardy School of Biological Sciences 1981-1982
Maurice Baker Agricultural Economics 1982-1983
Judy Johnson University Libraries 1983-1984
Agnes Adams University Libraries 1984-1985
George Tuck News-Editorial 1985-1986
Nancy Betts Nutrition, Science, and Dietietics 1986-1987
Robert Diffendal Survey Division, School of Natural Resources 1987-1988
Jane Munson Cooperative Extension 1988-1989
Alice Jones Agronomy and Horticulture 1989-1990
Deanna Eversoll Teaching and Learning Center 1990-1993
Jerry Renaud Broadcasting 1993-1995
Phyllis Japp Communication Studies 1995-1996
Julie Albrecht Nutrition and Health Sciences 1996-1998
Miles Bryant Educational Administration 1998-2000
David Jackson Food Science and Technology 2000-2001
James King Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication 2001-2002
Shelley Fuller Art and Art History 2002-2004
Patrick Shea School of Natural Resources 2004-2006
Richard Alloway College of Journalism and Mass Communications 2006-2008
David Rapkin Political Science 2008-2010
Patrick Shea School of Natural Resources 2010-2012
David Woodman School of Biological Sciences 2012-2013
Toni Anaya Libraries 2013-2014
Tad Wysocki Computer and Electronics Engineering 2014-2015
Allison Reisbig Child, Youth, and Family Studies 2015-2016, April 2016-Dec. 2016
Sheila Purdum Animal Science Jan. 2017-April 2017
Joan Latta Konecky University Libraries 2017-2018
Lorna Dawes University Libraries 2018-2019
Joan Latta Konecky University Libraries 2019-2020
Lorna Dawes University Libraries 2020-2021
Kelli Poposic Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction 2020-2021