Faculty Senate Policies and Documents

Documents and Policies Approved by the UNL Faculty Senate:

Face Coverings Syllabus Statement August 26, 2021 - statement to include the link, or information, on wearing face coverings in classes.  

15th Week Policy - Deadweek policy

Academic Integrity Policy on Santions Related to Academic Integrity

Academic Honesty Committee Report

Academic Services Handbook - From the University Registrar's Office the handbook provides useful information pertaining to issues relating to academics. 

Acceptable Use of Software Systems Management and Deployment Tools Policy  - Policy managing the use of client management tools on computers.  

Board of Regents Bylaws - These Bylaws establish the structures and policies of the University of Nebraska.

Class Attendance Policy - The Faculty Senate's policy for class attendance. 

    -Student Absence Policy Form

Promotion and Tenure Procedures - Information and Guidelines regarding promotion and tenure.

Safe Assignment Policy - Policy on the implementation and use of the Safe Assignment Software program. 

Syllabus Policy - Faculty Senate policy regarding informaiton that needs to be on course syllabus. 

University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Handbook - Committee procedures

UNL Bylaws  - These Bylaws establish the structure of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

UNL Professional Ethics Statement - Faculty Senate Profesional Ethics Statement