Previous Pound Howard Award Winners




1990             Raymond Haggh                 Music

1991             James Rawley                    History

1992             Henry Baumgarten             Chemistry

                     Robert Stepp, Jr.                Director, Barkley Center

1993             Desmond Wheeler               Chemistry

1994             Frederick Luebke                History

1995             Frederick Link                    English

1996             T. E. Hartung                    Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

                    Theo Sonderegger             Psychology

1997             Neale Copple                     College of Journalism and Mass Communications          

1998             Esther Cope                      History

1999             Paul Olson                         English

2000             Irv Omtvedt                      Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

2001             William Splinter                  College of Engineering

2002             Jack Goebel                       School of Accountancy

2003             Roger Mandigo                   Animal Science

2004             James McShane                 English

2005             David Brinkerhoff                Office of Academic Affairs

2006             Darrell Nelson                    Agricultural Research Division

2007             James O’Hanlon                 College of Education and Human Sciences

2008             Herbert Howe                    Chancellor’s Office

2009             William J. Lewis                  Mathematics

2010             Douglas Zatechka              University Housing

2011             Barbara DiBernard             English

2012             David Forysthe                   Political Science

                     David Sellmyer                   Physics & Astronomy

 2013           John Janovy, Jr.                 School of Biological Sciences          
                     Helen Moore                       Sociology

2014            L. James Walter                 Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education

2015            Lloyd Ambrosius                History
                     Patricia Cox Crews            Textiles, Merchandising, and Fashion Design
                     James Specht                     Agronomy & Horticulture

2016            Harvey Perlman                 Law
                     Fran Kaye                            English