Procedures for Academic Freedom Award Nominations

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Faculty Senate


James A. Lake Academic Freedom Award

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The award was established in 1980 to pay tribute to individuals for helping preserve the most basic freedom of all, the freedom to seek and communicate the truth.

 Eligibility: To be eligible to receive the award, a person must have been connected to UNL at the time the actions listed in support of the nomination were performed.  These actions may have supported academic freedom at UNL or outside it.  For purposes of consideration for this award, a position in the NU Administration or on the Board of Regents would qualify as a connection to UNL.  That the referenced actions were undertaken in association with some organization or in some role outside UNL does not disqualify a candidate.

 Criteria: Nominations will be assessed on the basis of the significance of the nominee's acts which support, defend, explain, or apply the principles of academic freedom.  The acts need not be individually of great import, but, when taken as a whole, they should indicate significant continued support of academic freedom.  Generally, the Committee looks for persons whose efforts extend beyond the assertion and defense of their own personal intellectual freedom and support academic freedom more generally at UNL or in the academy as a whole.

 Previous recipients of the award are: James A. Lake, 1980; Desmond M. S. Wheeler, 1982; James A. McShane, 1983; R. Burt Maxcy, 1984; Harry Crockett, Jr. 1986; Paul Olson, 1987; Dermot Coyne, 1988; James Cole, 1989; Campbell R. McConnell, 1991; Ned Hedges, 1992; Linda Pratt, 1994; Henry F. Holtzclaw, 1995; Helen Moore, 1996; David Moshman, 1997; Mary Beck, 1998; Wallace Peterson, 1999; Leo Sartori, 2000; Robert Haller, 2001; George Wolf, 2002, Ann Mari May, 2004, A. Dwayne Ball, 2006; John Bender, 2011; Laurie Thomas Lee, 2013; Patrick Jones, 2015; Marco Abel and Julia Schleck, 2018; Christina Falci and Kevin Hanrahan, 2021. 


Nomination Packet:

The Nomination Packet should include:

A.  This nomination form.

B.   A letter of nomination, describing your nominee's act(s) defending, supporting, and explaining the application in practice of the principles of academic freedom.        Please be specific in your comments.

C.  Any letters of support.

D.  Additional supporting documentation may be included (but is not required).