Student Conduct Appeals Board

2017-2018 MEMBERS

ASUN August 2018
ASUN August 2018
ASUN August 2018
ASUN August 2018
Suping Lu, University Libraries August 2018
Jeff Mower, Agronomy & Horticulture August 2018
Sangjin Ryu, Mechanical & Materials Engineering August 2020
Dean of Students - TBA cont.


The Student Conduct Appeals Board shall have seven members; four students and three faculty with the chairperson selected by members of the board. The four student members shall be selected by the Chancellor from the list of eight nominees provided by the ASUN. The Faculty Senate shall provide the Chancellor with a list of faculty that will include two nominations for each faculty opening on the committee. The Chancellor shall fill each faculty opening on the Board by selecting one person from the two nominations provided.

Student members shall be appointed for a term of one academic year. Faculty members shall be appointed to three-year terms, with one new three-year term commencing each year. Members may not serve more than two consecutive terms.


The Student Counduct Appeals Board shall hear appeals of decisions by the Student Conduct Board. See current UNL Student Handbook.