University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

2023-2024 MEMBERS

CORRIE DAY, ASUN August 2024
Doug Golick, College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources August 2024
LINDSEY BAHE, College of Architecture August 2025
ROSE HOLZ, College of Arts & Sciences August 2025
TODD THORNOCK, College of Business August 2025
ERIC BUHS, College of Education & Human Sciences August 2026
Libby Jones, College of Engineering August 2024
Stan Kleppinger, College of Fine & Performing Arts August 2024
Adam Wagler, College of Journalism & Mass Communications August 2023
Ann Tschetter, History, APC Representative August 2024
Kevin Hanrahan, Faculty Senate President Appointee August 2024
Patrice McMahon, Director, University Honors Program cont.
Steven Booton, Office of University Registrar cont.
Gail Meyer, Office of the University Registrar cont.
Kimberly Kraska, Office of the University Registrar cont.
Amy Goodburn, Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs cont.
Patty Sollars, Director, Undergraduate Education cont.
Nicolette Brenton, Project Specialist cont.


The Curriculum Committee shall consist of the following voting members:

(a) one faculty member representing each of the undergraduate colleges selected as determined by their respective faculties;

(b) one faculty member selected by the Academic Planning Committee;

(c) two students representing two different undergraduate colleges, selected as determined by ASUN;

(d) one faculty member appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate;

and the following non-voting members:

(e) the Executive Vice Chancellor, or designee;

(f) the Director of the Honors Program, or designee;
(g) University Registrar and two designees, as determined by the Registrar;

(h) Project Specialist to be appointed by the Director of Undergaduate Education Programs

(h) the Director of Undergraduate Education Programs

(i) the Director of Undergraduate Education

The Achievement-Centered Education (ACE) Subcommittee shall consist of the eight faculty members specificed in (a). All other members of the Curriculum Committee may participate as non-voting members in the activities of the ACE Subcommittee.


Faculty members shall serve three year terms  Student members shall serve two year terms. The terms will begin with the Academic year and will be staggered.


(1) The Curriculum Committee shall receive notification of undergraduate courses and programs of study after they have been approved by the curriculum committees of the undergraduate colleges, and notification of approval or disapproval of all curricular changes in the undergraduate colleges.

(1a) Colleges have the primary responsibility for setting standards for and evaluating routine curricular matters such as course descrptions, course content, course requirements, and course syllabi. The UCC will receive and review proposals from the college curriculum committees that deal with such routine curricular matters. The UCC will return such proposals to the college curriculum committees for reconsideration only in cases where there appears to be a serious oversight on the part of the curriculum committee.

(1b) The UCC will engage in a more substantive review of proposals that have implications that go beyond the individual colleges, such as those that involve multiple colleges, those that involve campus-wide requirements, and those pertaining to campus-wide academic programs.

(2) The Curriculum Committee shall appoint ad hoc subcommittees and/or liaison person(s) to assist the Committee in reviewing course proposals in intercollegiate, multi-disciplinary areas within the University.

(3) The Curriculum Committee shall make specific proposals for curricular developments and coordination to the curriculum committees of the undergraduate colleges, with the understanding that these committees are obliged to consider such proposals and make formal affirmative or negative response to the Curriculum Committee.

(4) The Curriculum Committee shall respond to curricular and program suggestions put forward by the Academic Planning Committee, and report at least once annually to the Faculty Senate.  The Academic Planning Committee representative will report to the Academic Planning Committee on the Curriculum Committee's activities and plans.

(5) The Curriculum Committee shall maintain liaison with the Graduate Council so as to coordinate the undergraduate and graduate curricula and programs.

(6) The Curriculum Committee shall serve as a safeguard against needless and wasteful curricular duplication by reviewing all proposals for modification in undergraduate courses and for new undergraduate courses proposed by the undergraduate colleges, including all courses in the 001 through 499 series that are available to the undergraduate students. This function is to be discharged by referring any findings of needless duplication to the appropriate undergraduate college. Prior to being listed in a college's official announcement, new or modifies courses that in the committee's judgment lead to needless curricular duplication may not be offered or listed in the official announcement of courses of a college.

(7) The Curriculum Committee shall undertake periodic comprehensive examinations of the University's undergraduate curricula for the purpose of eliminating wasteful duplication.

(8) The ACE Subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee shall have the duties and powers specified in the ACE Governing Documents and shall operate as specified in the ACE Governing Documents.  Any changes to the ACe program and outcomes will reqire the approval of the faculty of the individual colleges.  Chances to the duties, powers, or procedures of the ACE Subcommittee will require approval of the Faculty Senate. 

UNDERGRADUATE UNIVERSITY CURRICULUM COMMITTEE HANDBOOK (Provides an overview of how the UUCC works and some general information from the Registrar's Office on how course numbering works, what should be included in a Course Decription, and other information to assist faculty members when they are proposing course changes.)


The committee shall file in the Faculty Senate Office a current statement of operating procedures and guidelines adopted by the committee itself.   Actions of the University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee are recorded in the curriculum and information for undergraduate and graduate bulletin software program.  For more information on this committee and general academic Senate rules governing its operations see the Preface.