Student Conduct Board

2018-2019 MEMBERS

Andrea Bolland, Art, Art History & Design August 2020
Toni Anaya, University Libraries August 2020
David Wilson, Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education August 2020
Jennifer Clarke, Food Science & Technology August 2020
Amy Schmidt, Biological Systems Engineering August 2020
Emily Dorsey, Special Education & Communication Disorders August 2020
Gregory McKee, Agricultural Economics August 2020
Scott Napolitano, Educational Psychology August 2021
Marc Pearce, Law August 2021
Jake Johnson, Assistant VC for Student Affairs cont.


The University Student Conduct, Subordinate and Appeals Boards are comprised of students and faculty. The Student Conduct and Subordinate Boards hear cases of alleged violations of the UNL Student Code of Conduct. There are three Subordinate Boards each of which focuses on a particular type of case: academic misconduct, sexual misconduct and cases involving student organizations.

Board Members consider and ask questions about information presented during the hearing; discuss information with other Board members; and, determine whether or not a student or student organization violated the Student Code of Conduct. After a finding of responsibility, Board Members listen to recommended sanctions, and then collaborate with one another to impose sanctions that balance the developmental and educational needs of the student with the safety and integrity of the UNL community. The Appeals Board conducts a review of a student’s written appeal of decisions made by the Student Conduct Board.


The Student Conduct Board shall have five student members and four faculty members. ASUN shall provide the Chancellor with fifteen recommendations from at least five colleges, from which he or she will select five regular student members and five alternate members to serve on the Board. No more than two of these five students may be from the same college. The Faculty Senate shall provide the Chancellor with a list containing 50% more recommendations than open positions, from which he or she will select four regular members and four alternate faculty members to serve on the Student Conduct Board. No more than two of the four faculty members may be from the same college.

Student members of the Student Conduct Board shall be appointed for a term of one academic year from the first day of classes extending through the last day of classes. Faculty members shall be appointed for a term of three academic years, with at least one new three-year term commencing each year. Members may be reappointed, but may not serve more than two consecutive terms. The Chairperson shall be selected by the Board.