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Current Opportunities

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March 2018

We will explore unique tourist attractions, sample the flavorful cuisine of Belize, meet teachers and students at local elementary schools and colleges, visit culturally-oriented businesses, and learn about tropical wildlife conservation. Our encounters will teach us about the diverse, multicultural and environmental heritage of this Caribbean nation, and help us appreciate Belizean ways of life. This trip is open to all CEHS majors, especially those interested in educational issues, child and family studies, tourism, nutrition, food science, and multicultural education.

Must enroll in CEHS 494 (for one credit).

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May 2018

This education abroad course will explore, compare, and attempt to analyze how eating and physical activity/exercise habits influence individuals’ well-being between the United States and Japan.  This study tour will provide students opportunities to not only discover and learn cultural differences in education, sports, exercise, and food between the United States and Japan, but also how scientific information may be generated and implemented in the fields of nutrition, food, and exercise.  

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Teaching English Learners in the United Kingdom

May 2018

Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

Participants on this trip will examine how elementary schools and teacher preparation colleges in the United Kingdom deal with an educational dilemma that is quite familiar to most Nebraska teachers: welcoming immigrant students to their classrooms.  Through multiple school site visits and meetings with teachers and teacher educators involved with immigrant education in the United Kingdom, participants will examine the British example for welcoming newcomer children.  This program is a two-credit extension of TEAC 317: Teaching ELLs in Elementary School and TEAC 413M.  Participants must have completed TEAC 317 and TEAC 413M by May 2018.  The program will last approximately 10 days during UNL’s pre-session (mid May) and will be centered in Oxford and London with trips to school sites and cultural activities throughout Oxford and London.  Participants will lodge together in the dorms at St. Clare’s in Oxford and a hostel in London.    

Prerequisite: TEAC 317 or TEAC 413M

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Audiology in Developing Countries: Study Abroad in Nicaragua

July-August 2018

Special Education and Communication Disorders

This short course is offered to students interested in humanitarian audiology.  Travel with UNL professors to Leon, Nicaragua to help those in need of hearing assistance.  Many people in Nicaragua do not have access to hearing services and you can help mitigate this need by offering your time on this transformative trip.  Learn hands-on clinical techniques and work directly with patients under the supervision of trained professionals from CEHS.  

Requirement: Audiology student; graduate level preferred.

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Costa Rica: Understanding Latin American Culture & Communication

May 2018

Speech and Language Pathology

Undergraduate students: Open only to graduate students in the Speech/Language Pathology program, this trip will bring students to different locations in Costa Rica to provide accent modification to Fiserv associates as well as individuals within the hospitality industry in a rural community.  Students may have the opportunity to interact with professionals who provide services to individuals with communication-based challenges in educational and medical settings.    

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Graduate students: Education and Speech Pathology majors will spend 10 days working with children in public and private schools in the rural mountain town of Monteverde, Costa Rica.  In addition, UNL students will meet with professionals from the Monteverde Institute to learn about challenges in eco-tourism and sustainability.  UNL students will have the wonderful experience of staying with host families in Monteverde, a time-tested method of true cultural immersion.

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Zambia: Food Security, Health & Nutrition

May - June, 2018

Nutrition and Health Sciences (NHS)

The Zambia study abroad program provides an opportunity to enhance the international and research experiences and skills of UNL students, including scientific data collection, data analysis, and presentation.  Teams of UNL students will work with students from Zambian institutions to collect anthropometric and health data, map social and natural resources, and conduct participant observations during this month-long program focused on food security, health and nutrition. 

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

March 2018

Nutrition and Health Sciences (NHS) & Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management (HRTM)

This experience will provide students from any college or major to develop a global understanding around a variety of topics including culture, health, business, journalism, hospitality and more. Students will travel with UNL faculty to two cities in Oman and two cities in the UAE where they’ll visit educational institutions, governmental and non-governmental agencies and learn from experts in Omani and Emirate culture. Students will also experience the delicious cuisine of Oman and the UAE, and participate in a cooking class highlighting the nutritional elements of Omani cuisine! This program will be embedded within a 3-credit hour HRTM 495/895 course, which will take place during the spring 2018 semester. As such, students who wish to participate in this program will be required to enroll in the course during the spring semester.

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Shanghai and Beijing, China

May 2018

Child, Youth and Family Studies

This study abroad program in China is designed for students with a special interest in learning about Chinese families, children and family life.  The program will provide students with opportunities to experience Chinese culture through interactions with Chinese families and college-age students and participation in activities that will help them gain an appreciation for Chinese arts, exercise, food, and tradition, while also being able to see the amazing historical sites that represent Chinese culture and history.   Must be registered in CYAF 485/895.

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