World Language Teaching: Spanish (Certificate)


World Language Teaching: Spanish, Cert

15 cr


Required Courses
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
TEAC 922B Reading and Listening in the Spanish Language Classroom 3
TEAC 922F Writing in the Spanish Language Classroom 3
TEAC 922K Speaking in the Spanish Language Classroom 3
TEAC 922O Assessment in the Spanish Language Classroom 3
TEAC 922S Planning in the Spanish Language Classroom 3
TEAC 922W Technology-Enhanced Spanish Language Instruction 3

Graduate Admission Requirements

  • Application for Admission with $50 non-refundable application fee.
  • One set of transcripts.
  • If the student’s native language is not English, verification of English proficiency is required.
  • If International: upload copies of all college- or university-level transcripts or mark sheets (records of courses and marks earned), with certificates, diplomas, and degrees plus certified English translations.

    * Official documents are required from all students who are admitted and enroll. Photocopies of certified records are not acceptable. International students enrolled in other U.S. institutions may have certified copies of all foreign records sent directly to the Office of Graduate Studies by their current school’s registrar office.

  • If applicant is not a US citizen and expects an F or J visa: financial information.
  • Applicants must also fulfill any additional requirements the department specifies at the time of application.

Major Admission Requirements

  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above
  • 2 Letters of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Substantial content knowledge in the Spanish language: Sufficient content knowledge may be demonstrated in a variety of ways, including current and prospective language educator, a degree in the language, university language faculty and/or graduate student, etc.

NOTE: When sending TOEFL scores, our institution code is 6877 and a department code is not needed

Graduate Chair

Jenelle Reeves

Support Staff

Kate Rask

Tuition & Fees

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