Human Sciences (PHD) - Leadership Studies

The interdepartmental doctoral program in human sciences with a specialization in leadership studies is designed for individuals interested in studying leadership and leadership development theory and practice. It is ideal for those interested in becoming a leadership scholar in a faculty role or in a variety of other contexts, including communities, government agencies, non-profit and private sector organizations.

The Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication faculty and graduate students are internationally recognized for teaching, research, and outreach. We strive to develop close student-faculty relationships based on strong mentoring experiences.

See Leadership Education for more information.

Admission Requirements

  • GRE:  Required.
  • Resume/CV: Your vitae should include a complete account of your academic and professional history along with your community activities, service, accomplishments, and awards.
  • Funding/Assistantship: If you wish to be considered for an assistantship, check the appropriate box(es) in the Funding question on the Additional Information page. A departmental representative will follow up individually about assistantship opportunities.
  • Personal Statement:
    1. Describe 1 to 3 personal and professional goals or objectives, and how this degree will help you achieve them.
    2. Describe how your past experience (work, volunteer, research, etc.) provides you a context for studying in this field.
    3. Describe how your interests align with research, extension, and/or creative activity of each of the faculty you list in the Faculty section.
  • Writing Sample:  Provide a writing sample that demonstrates your scholarly writing ability, for example a term paper, thesis, or published article.
  • Faculty: Identify at least one (max 3) faculty members in this department with whom you would like to work. Refer to program link above for lists of faculty and their research areas, and note required faculty component of Personal Statement.

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