Curriculum and Program Resources

Curriculum Changes

Requests for Curriculum Action are now processed in CIM.

  • If interested in proposing graduate curriculum action, first review the guidelines governing curriculum change in the program's home college.
  • Supporting documentation (syllabus, statement of justification, cross-listing memos) should be uploaded into the CIM system.

For more information contact Eva Bachman.

Curriculum Approval Reports

Reminders for 400/800

  • Proposals for 800-level courses that have a 400-level counterpart must include a sample syllabus clearly differentiating the work required of graduate students as opposed to undergraduate students uploaded in the CIM system.
  • 400/800-level courses need the approval of both the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and the UNL Graduate Council (within the CIM system).

Program Management

Program Management Forms

The Academic Program Processes page is available for creating, modifying and deleting academic programs.

Send completed form(s) and any supporting documentation to:

Office of Graduate Studies
1100 Seaton Hall
City Campus 0619


The UNL Graduate Council, which must approve all proposals for new certificates and specializations, meets monthly during the academic year. Those proposals received by the first of each month are most likely to be reviewed by the Council that same month.

About CIP Codes

The Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) is a taxonomy for identifying fields of study uniformly across institutions. As you prepare a proposal, consider which CIP code best fits your program and include the CIP code in your proposal. The National Center for Education Statistics provides further information to aid selection of CIP codes.