Grace Troupe: Places to study on campus

By Grace Troupe. Posted May 2, 2014.

You are in grad school, so you probably have an office.  Congratulations!  It can really feel like a step up in the world.  Your office, however, is often shared with awesome people who you want to talk with.  Where can you go to focus?  After studying at UNL for a while and finding some good places to tuck away, here are a few of my suggestions for study spots.  You can pick an obscure one where people won’t find you, or go for one that is close by.

Background noise

  • Union – City or East Campus
    Both Unions are stocked with computers, tables, chairs, and plenty of background noise.  This is a good place to meet for group projects.  If you like to snack while you study, there are also places to buy food in both Unions.
  • The Academic Grind – Oldfather Hall, City Campus
    This coffee shop in the middle of campus is a great place to study between classes.
  • Keim Hall Lounge – 2nd floor Keim Hall, East Campus
    This is good for in between classes, as well, but it may have too much bustle for long study sessions since it boarders a hallway.
  • Food Science Lounge – Food Science Complex basement, East Campus
    This is very similar to the Keim lounge.  It is a good spot on the go.


  • Love Library – City Campus
    Not only is this library HUGE and full of good study spots, there is an entire large room dedicated to silent studying.  Walk in and ask a librarian where to go.
  • CY Thompson Library – East Campus
    This library is full of windows for natural light and is almost always as quiet as can be.  My favorite spot is on the second floor at the top of the steps.  This area is full of desks with plug-ins and faces two-story windows that look over a large green space.
  • Geology Library – Bessey Hall Basement, City Campus
    Did you know there is a geology library at UNL?  Most people don’t, which is why this is such a good study spot.  It is not as bright as CY Thompson, but it sure is quiet!
  • Biology Resource Center – 402 Manter Hall, City Campus
    This room is stocked with computers, a Uniprint printer, conference table, and desks.  Perfect for a studying between classes.
  • Architecture Library – 308 Architecture Hall, City Campus
    This room has great lounge chairs and a quiet atmosphere.