April 2014


Navigating Graduate School

After Your First Year: What's Next?

Summer's just around the corner. Take our advice and make your summer as productive as possible.

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8 Ways to Prepare for Comprehensive Exams

Here are some ways to get ready for your comprehensive exams (or "comps").

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Good Practices in Graduate Education

Five Pillars of Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is the basis of the university’s goal to enable an exchange of ideas and develop new knowledge, and it requires that individual scholars work with and trust one another.

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Graduate Student Professional Development

Teaching Portfolio Workshop

Find out about the three major components of any teaching portfolio. 

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Communicating Research to a Lay Audience

Wonder how to talk about your research to your parents or the person you just met?

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Teaching Tip

Making the Most of Your Teaching Evaluations

Just a few more classes, and your students will hand in their evaluations. Here are six simple steps to make the most of your evaluations.

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The Graduate Writer

Use Definite, Concrete, Specific Lanuguage

Academic prose doesn’t need to be general, vague, or abstract. With a little practice and a good editorial eye, you can engage your reader with added detail.

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