February 2014


Navigating Graduate School

How to Present a Research Poster

Get helpful tips for presenting your research at an academic conference.

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Preparing Fellowship Applications: A Step-by-Step Guide

Fellowships and grants can give you the freedom to focus on your research. Start preparing your application for major fellowships now.

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Good Practices in Graduate Education

Best Practices for Collaborating on Research

Set yourself up for success when researching and collaborating with others.

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Graduate Student Professional Development

Ace the Academic Job Talk

You've been invited to campus for an interview. Now what?

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Strengthening Your Leadership Skills

Good news! Leadership skills can be learned. What does this mean for your own professional development?

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Negotiating Academic Job Offers

All job offers are not the same. Learn the ins and outs of accepting your first academic job.

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Teaching Tip

Asking Good Questions: Socratic Method in the Classroom

Find out how to encourage your students to think deeply about course material.

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The Graduate Writer

Using the Active Voice

Improve your academic writing by learning how to effectively use the active and passive voices.

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Student Spotlight

Curtis Walker, NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Walker was bitten by the weather bug. And the research bug. And now he's an NSF Graduate Research Fellow at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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