Fellowship Evaluation and Application


A fellowship competition is held each year for current graduate students. The application Web site opens during the first week of December and closes the first week of February. This is often a busy time for students, so the summer may be the ideal time to prepare your application materials.

If you will be applying next December for fellowship funding for the 2011-2012 academic year, you may want to look at the application Web site for information about how to apply. This information also may help you apply for fellowships external to UNL. Included is advice about writing a personal statement, developing a curriculum vitae and getting letters of recommendation. Here is a brief description of the requirements and evaluation criteria to help you understand the application and evaluation processes.

The UNL fellowship committee, comprised of about 24 faculty members across campuses and disciplines, reviews all applications. Three different reviewers are assigned to each application to ensure that all are reviewed fairly. Reviewers are given these guidelines when completing their ratings. Four items are used in the rating system; the first three are based on three parts of the application and the last item is an overall rating for funding.

Personal Statement. A personal statement should indicate an important and well defined area of creative/scholarly interest, clear educational goals and a reasoned plan for achieving those goals. This item is ranked between 1 (poor) and 6 (exceptional)

Curriculum Vitae (CV). A CV should indicate significant creative/scholarly accomplishments and products related to the student's stated area of interest. This item is ranked between 1 (poor) and 6 (exceptional)

Recommendations. Recommendations should indicate consistent highest regard from faculty members who are well informed about the student's accomplishments and creative/scholarly potential. This item is ranked between 1 (poor) and 6 (exceptional)

Overall Funding Recommendation. These ratings are used in regard to recommendations for funding. This item is ranked between 1 (do not provide funding this year) and 4 (consider for the highest level of funding). Those with the highest ratings receive fellowships.