Getting What you Came For


Getting What you Came For: The Smart Student's Guide to Earning a Master's or PhD
by Robert Peters
Farrar Strauss and Giroux, 1992, revised 1997

From the day you apply to the day you receive your diploma, graduate school offers a wide variety of challenges. While many “how to” books for graduate students focus on a single part of the process, such as the dissertation or the academic job search, Dr. Robe Peters tackles all of these  challenges and more in Get What You Came For. Based on interviews with career counselors, graduate students and professors, Getting What You Came For is packed with real-life experiences.

Peters covers traditional topics such as finding an adviser and surviving comprehensive exams. But he also includes issues that seem intuitive – like building and setting up your office. While Peters writes from the perspective of a traditional student, he makes a point to discuss special issues for nontraditional students, women and underrepresented and international students.

Getting What You Came For has all the advice you will need not only to survive but to thrive in graduate school, including instructions on applying for  admission to a graduate school and for financial aid; how to excel on qualifying exams; how to manage academic politics; and how to write and defend a top-notch thesis. Most important, it shows you how to land a job when you graduate. Whether you are just starting out in graduate school or nearing the end, Getting What You Came For has something for everyone.

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