MyRED Hints


April 2011

Here are some important things to know when using MyRed.

Avoid trouble when registering by completing all necessary steps in the process. You can put courses in the shopping cart, but unless you continue to the last step, you might find that you’re not registered for the courses you need.

The default number of credits for courses with variable credit hours, such as an independent study, research, thesis or dissertation, is one (1). Be careful to select the number of units you need before completing the registration.

If you have withdrawn from a course, it will appear on your course list with a blue X through it. If you’re still registered for a course, it will appear with a green circle and a check mark beside it. Please note that your official registration is in MyRed, not in Blackboard. Blackboard is a course tool used by many instructors, but it isn’t UNL’s registration site.

The last day to change a course registration to or from Pass/No Pass is March 4. The deadline for withdrawing from a course is April 8.

Use the financial aid forms located in the financial aid section in the Student Center area of MyREDto indicate if you have any fellowships or assistantships or if you’re eligible for tuition remission. Filling out and returning these forms to Financial Aid ensures that your financial aid package is awarded accurately and no adjustments are needed when it comes time to pay your bills. You don’t want to end up having to pay back loans immediately, so it’s well worth your while to selfreport any awards you may have in addition to financial aid.

If you don’t have an updated e-mail address in MyRed but have asked to receive your billing notices via e-mail, you may not have seen the following message: “Your January 2011 consolidated bill is now available to view on MyRED Payment is due February 12, 2011.”

If you’re a graduate assistant and your student account is up to date, you might see a note in MyRed that says your bill isn’t due until March.You can reach the UNL Office of Student Accountsat 402-472-2887. Information regarding your bill can be found via the following links:
Find your bill in MyRED
See your payment options
Find billing and registration information for 2010-2011