Good Practices

April 2014

Academic integrity is the basis of the university’s goal to enable an exchange of ideas and develop new knowledge, and it requires that individual scholars work with and trust one another. The International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) has identified five pillars of academic integrity to generate positive conversations about integrity.

Across the disciplines, collaboration and interdisciplinary work is growing. As teamwork in scholarship increases, it’s important to establish good practices for collaboration.

When you think of a steward, you might imagine someone in a manor who ensures the household runs smoothly, the tenants are cared for, and the buildings are kept in good repair with an eye toward preserving the enterprise for generations to come.

As a graduate student, you engage with diverse ideas and academic work. Writing papers for your seminars and later your thesis and dissertation require you to account for other voices while establishing your own academic voice.

Bill Taylor, professor emeritus of political science at Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, Ill., is deeply convinced that academic integrity on the part of both faculty and students is an essential part of any true educational experience.

Among the most basic academic values are the honest creation of new knowledge, the discovery of new facts, new ways of looking at the known world, and the original analysis of old ideas.

The safety and well being of human research participants is taken very seriously at UNL. The Institutional Review Board, which is overseen by UNL’s Office of Research, handles approval of human research.

Integrity in research and creative activity is based not only on sound disciplinary practice but also on a commitment to basic personal values such as fairness, equity, honesty and respect.

Many aspects of the teaching assistant's rolemay create ethical dilemmas of one sort or another.

Many aspects of the teaching assistant's role may create ethical dilemmas of one sort or another.