Navigating Graduate School

Princeton Review’s Graduate School Companion will be available in January 2007 from Random House. Pursuing a master’s degree or a Ph.D.

Have you ever emerged from the office recently only to find that everyone is gone? Do you sometimes feel that your department colleagues have just up and vanished? Are you feeling like the last person on earth?

Program of Study/Memorandum of Courses.

Do you remember your first semester as a graduate student? Or are you there right now? Most new graduate students soon find that they are expected to be more independent in their programs than they were as undergraduates.

If you're preparing for a career in academia, you might want to learn the lingo. Here is a list of some commonly used terms.

by Jan Allen, Associate Dean for Ph.D. Programs, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Columbia University (reprinted with permission)

One skill that can be critical to the success of a graduate student is the ability to publish. We collected the following tips from experienced faculty who have guided students successfully into the publishing world.

Competing a doctoral program involves more than taking courses and writing a dissertation. Many doctoral students also teach, conduct research and begin learning what it means to be a faculty member.